Episode Five: Don’t be Such a Tool, Yo!


Just admit it; you have used a butter knife when lacking a screwdriver. We bet you have even used something like a rock/shoe/the handle of a butter knife as a hammer, haven’t you? Well cut that shit out! This week Katie and Sharon talk about basic tools that all mixed media artist (really all artist… or grownups) should have in their studios/lives. There may or may not be confessions involving injuries and/or broke items that involved the use of improper tools (and Katie may or may not have been drinking before recording this episode).


Special thanks to Madison Henebry for her work on the music for our theme song and for performing the Two Artsy Gals Theme Song.


About welcometoyourmidlifecrisis

Podcast Producer. Artist. Writer. Cat lover. Unicorn worshiper. Narwhal enthusiast. Next level proficiency in swearing. Aging GenXer/Riot Grrrl with a True Crime fascination. I also like cheese.
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