Episode 11: Collage the World


After the awesome but long and sometimes serious episode last week, the gals got a little silly and cut loose this week while discussing one of their favorite things. Collage seems to tie into many more aspects of their lives than Sharon and Katie realized, and as you will soon find out, they come up with a few more ways that they could use collage (some less disturbing than others). This one gets a little crazy-pants in a few places but hey, the gals were in the zone.

Special thanks to Madison Henebry for her work on the music for our theme song and for performing the Two Artsy Gals Theme Song.


About welcometoyourmidlifecrisis

Podcast Producer. Artist. Writer. Cat lover. Unicorn worshiper. Narwhal enthusiast. Next level proficiency in swearing. Aging GenXer/Riot Grrrl with a True Crime fascination. I also like cheese.
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