Oops! No New Episode!

Damn! There was an audio issue of catastrophic proportions this week and unfortunately that means there isn’t a new episode for you today. Katie did record a short message for you because there are a few things she wanted to make sure you know about and they couldn’t wait for next week.

The first episode of the Two Artsy Gals newsletter will happen in the next week or so. Katie has to finish redesigning the logo and change all of the show’s branding before that gets sent out. You can sign up for the monthly news letter by clicking the “Subscribe To Our Newsletter” button in the sidebar on the right.

Since all of our branding will be changing because we are adding Loni’s face to the logo since she took over for Sharon, the show merchandise with Sharon’s face on it is now available for a limited time only. If you want merch with the original logo on it then make sure you get it now because it will only be available for another week or so. You can get to our Café Press shop by click the “Buy Two Artsy Gals Gear”, also in the sidebar on the right.

And we saved the best for last! We wanted to remind you about Small Works/Big Cause: An Art Fundraiser for Jenny Bates. It is going to be an awesome event! 90+ artists have donated original art, prints, jewelry, ceramics and more.
Enjoy some delicious bites from Lardo PDX , as well as wine, beer and live music from the Sonny Hess Band!
It’s happening Sunday, June 14th from 3-8pm at Basic Space Gallery,
625 NW Everett St. #111, in downtown Portland.
Follow their Facebook page for updates and daily postings of works available for presale (shipping available) https://www.facebook.com/smallworks.bigcause. You can also support Jenny in her treatment and recovery by donating through her Go Fund Me page http://www.gofundme.com/supportjenny. And please share all of this info to everyone you know! Thank you all of you awesome listeners!


The Gals and Loni will be back on schedule next Wednesday with Loni’s first official episode as co-host and they will be talking about hand embroidery. Until next week… go make some cool shit, yo! And also, go support Jenny Bates because she is rad and it will make you feel good!


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Podcast Producer. Artist. Writer. Cat lover. Unicorn worshiper. Narwhal enthusiast. Next level proficiency in swearing. Aging GenXer/Riot Grrrl with a True Crime fascination. I also like cheese.
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