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Ask and you shall receive! Here is a complete list of every episode of Two Artsy Gals listed from our first to most recent (this list will most likely be updated monthly). Scroll through this page and see what we have already talked about on the show. You can listen to all of these episodes on iTunes, Stitcher, here on the website (find specific ones by using this site’s search feature) or visiting our PodOmatic page where you can scroll through the list and listen to whichever you want.

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Episode One: Getting to Know You
In this inaugural episode of the Two Artsy Gals Podcast you will meet your hosts, Katie and Sharon, and learn a little about what their plans for the podcast are. Find out which of these nutty ladies has a history of using her sewing skills to torture small animals, and which one commits petty theft in the name of art.

 Episode Two: What the Hell is Mixed Media Anyway?
In this episode Sharon and Katie get down to the nitty-gritty about what mixed media art really is and why they love it so much. They talk about some of the mixed media artists who inspire them, and share about their personal artwork. Listen and find out why Katie’s husband thinks she is extra creepy and how amusing Sharon finds this subject.

Episode Three: Textures to Live By
The gals spend this, their third episode, talking about texture, how it can be achieved, and what it adds to mixed media art work. Naturally, this leads to a sidebar about velvet Elvis paintings, and those creepy sad girl velvet paintings from the 70s. Along with some general tips and pointers on way to get more texture into your work, Katie and Sharon each do a mini tutorial on their favorite texture methods.

Episode Four: Adhesives, a Love Story
We have all played the adhesive guessing game before… sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. In this episode Sharon and Katie talk about some of their favorite adhesives and what they are best used for (and what they are best not used for). You will get some helpful tips and great information about adhesives and then, you will listen in horror as Katie lists the things that she has glued herself to.

Episode Five: Don’t be Such a Tool, Yo!
Just admit it; you have used a butter knife when lacking a screwdriver. We bet you have even used something like a rock/shoe/the handle of a butter knife as a hammer, haven’t you? Well cut that shit out! This week Katie and Sharon talk about basic tools that all mixed media artist (really all artist… or grownups for that matter) should have in their studios/lives. There may or may not be confessions involving injuries and/or broken items that involved the use of improper tools (and Katie may or may not have been drinking before recording this episode).

Episode Six: Hard or Soft, They are all Pretty Cool
We are going to talk about one of Katie’s favorite mediums this week! She and Sharon discuss the differences between soft/chalk and hard/oil pastels and other products that fall under the pastel umbrella. Katie comes to terms with her pastel/art supply hoarding issues, and rainbow poop comes into play. This is an example packed episode so you will defiantly want to check out the Two Artsy Gals Blog after the show (or even while you listen).

Episode Seven: Making Jewelry that Doesn’t Suck
Sharon is aces at making jewelry! She is always blowing Katie away with her designs and the beautiful way she finishes her pieces. Katie totally sucks at putting jewelry together. She is very excited about the pointers and tips Sharon is going to give us today. We will learn a bit about basic tools; using quality findings, where to get them, how to avoid those awful poky bits of wire that sometimes get left behind, and how to make your pieces look professionally finished.

Episode Eight: Mail Some Effing Art, Yo!
This week Katie and Sharon get really excited to talk about Mail Art. Not much for formal explanations, they just get straight to how cool this form of artistic expression is and how much they love to do it. This is a pretty chill episode so sit back and enjoy listening to the gals get really excited and goofy about this topic.

Episode 9: Let’s Cut Some Stamps!
In this week’s episode Sharon and Katie talk about stamp carving and some of the really cool shit you can do with said stamps once you have carved them. There is some swearing, some snorting, and the usual fits of giggling… this episode ran a few minutes shorter than usual; we hope that doesn’t throw off you drive/workout/mojo.

Episode 10: So, You Want to Sell Some Art?
The gals introduce the first in a summer series on selling your art work, in this, their 10th episode. Be warned, Katie had a cold when we recorded this… we were able to edit out most of the coughing and sniffles, but there are a couple instances of Nyquil related sass-mouth. This episode covers basics like what you should know before making the decision to sell your art, where to sell your art, and how to price your art. As usually, Sharon and Katie share a lot of personal experiences and stories while dropping some knowledge on your brains.

Episode 11: Collage the World
After the awesome but long and sometimes serious episode last week, the gals got a little silly and cut loose this week while discussing one of their favorite things. Collage seems to tie into many more aspects of their lives than Sharon and Katie realized, and as you will soon find out, they come up with a few more ways that they could use collage (some less disturbing than others). This one gets a little crazy-pants in a few places but hey, the gals were in the zone.

Episode 12: Better Safe than on Fire or Bleeding
The gals are back after a week off, YAY! In this episode Sharon and Katie talk about the often amusing but important issue of studio safety. They go over what kind of supplies they keep in their first aid kits; what sort of safety equipment they have on hand, and what precautions should be taken when working in your studio. Of course, all their advice comes along with the crazy stories about the antics and shenanigans that lead them having something to say on this topic in the first place (these stories just might involve some of Katie’s more recent adventures with Super Glue).

Episode 13: Shit You Need to Know About Copyright
Woot! This is episode two in our summer series about selling your art. This time the gals talk about the often scary and almost always confusing topic of copyright. This is a big, weighty subject so they just scratched the surface (so as not to overwhelm or bore you to death with legal mumbo-jumbo). There will be some helpful links in our show notes on the blog for this one so that you can do some additional research on your own.

Episode 14: Altered Book Awesomeness
The Gals as they explore the awesome awesomeness of altered books this week. They reveal what big book nerds they really are and Katie makes it pretty evident that you probably never want to borrow a book from her. Along with the typical side-bars and dirty jokes, you will also learn about how to choose a book for altering, get a few ideas about ways to alter your book, and get a basic rundown of how altered book round robins work.

Episode 15: Sealants, Use Them But Don’t Huff Them
The Gals talk about their favorite sealants; what they use them for, what they don’t work for, and why this week. Katie reveals a little too much about some of the strange smells she enjoys (again, to Sharon’s horror), and of course, this leads to discussion of huffing and why you shouldn’t do it.

Episode 16: Clay Is Pretty Awesome
The gals both love working with clay! Be it ceramics, jeweler, or incorporating it into mixed media assemblage and collage pieces, Katie and Sharon are pretty enthusiastic when it comes to their clay work. There are some minor sound quality issues with this episode because Katie forgot to turn the volume on her mic up again, but please stick with it because you won’t want to miss the hilarious ending to this one (hint, Katie glued herself to something again)!

Episode 17: Shit You Need To Know About Photographing Your Art
Welcome to the third episode in our summer series on topics relating to selling your arts and crafts. This week we discuss photographing your work for posting on sites like Etsy and EBay, or for print. The gals have some pretty strong opinions about what NOT to do and of course, they tell you all about those in great detail. This is a fun and informative one for sure!

Episode 18: Make New Shit Look Like Old Shit
Oh man… this one is more than a little nutty. The gals have a lot of great ideas on antiquing/aging/distressing items use in art work, or pieces of art, to give them that special charm that only old antique and found objects have. You will start listening to this episode for the good ideas and tips; you will stick around for the antics because Katie loses her composure over the heat more than once… and then there is the sneak cat attack and the interruption by her naked husband. Believe it or not they do get some good art talk in there between outbursts.

Episode 19: We Want All The Paints
Welcome back, awesome listeners (or welcome aboard to you new listeners)! This week Katie and Sharon talk about different types of paints. Listen as the gals discuss which their favorites are and why. They weigh the pros and cons of each paint media discussed and give a little information about what situations each are better used in.

Episode 20: Our Crazy 20th Episode
We don’t even know where to start… just know that “crazy” is the word we could come up with to describe this one. What started as the gals having a couple of drinks while celebrating their 20th episode went rapidly downhill (depending on how you look at it). They did start out talking about art related issues but you know… booze happened… you will learn some things you probably didn’t really want to know about Katie and Sharon this week. Swearing and snorting are at an all time maximum as they delve into subjects like hot celebrities, professional wrestling, and so much topic hopping we can’t keep track of any of it. Sorry about all the snorting and close drunk talking on the mic! Enjoy!

Episode 21: Paper Is Super Rad
They both love it; they both hoard it and stash it away like crazy little squirrels, now listen as the gals discuss one of their favorite things ever… paper! Sharon and Katie talk about different kinds of paper you can use in your mixed media arts and crafts; different types of paper arts, and interesting places you might obtain paper. As usual, there are plenty of inappropriate jokes and some outright silliness. And the customary amount of swearing. So enjoy!

Episode 22: Brand Your Shit, Yo!
Yes you! Do you even have a brand??? Do you even know what a brand is? Are you scratching your head and wondering where you are going to but a brazier in your studio so that you can keep hot irons at the ready… well then this final episode of our summer series on selling your art is one you should be listening to! You are going to learn how to create your brand and stir ups some brand recondition for your arts and crafts. This will all help you sell more… we swear!

Episode 23: Cutty Stabby Fun Time
This week we join The Gals in a lively discussion about scissors and other cutting implements. They explore different types of scissors and knives and what they are for, scissor maintenance, and of course we get to hear some Sharon and Katie’s stories of stabby mishaps. And don’t worry; no bitches were cut in the making of this episode.

Episode 24: Yay! Paper Mache
The Gals discuss the ins and outs of paper mache this week and it isn’t just for making crappy piñatas! Learn about the materials needed, different wheat paste and clay options, and finishing your paper mache works. Katie and Sharon tell us a little about their favorite paper mache artists and reference a few great sites that will be linked in the shows blog.

Episode 25: Artist Trading Card Awesomeness
Join The Gals this week as they talk about and drool over some really great Artist Trading Cards. We briefly discuss what ATCs are and the rules on the specific size they need to be (oddly, we failed to mention the exact measurements, which are 2 ½ “X 3 ½”) before Katie and Sharon start drooling over ATCs. We have some great examples this week so make sure you visit our blog for pictures and links.

Episode 26: Let’s Crochet and Knit Some Shit!
Oh, The Gals are excited about this one! So excited that they had a real difficult time staying on track; which means they got pretty silly this week. Join in and listen to Katie and Sharon discuss the finer points of crochet and knitting, wax poetic about yarns (despite great effort not to go on and on about yarn), and get off track about anything from cartoons they are probably too old to be watching to STDs (and yes, we know that stands for sexually transmitted diseases and believe it or not, they manage to somehow connect that topic to this week’s topic because that is just how they roll).

 Episode 27: Demystifying the Paintbrush Isle
Well… this episode is about paintbrushes. The gals give us a rundown about bristle types, brush shapes, and how to care for your brushes in hopes of making brush shopping a much less overwhelming process. That being said, we have no idea what in the hell got into these two when they were recording this episode but prepare for some really strange and hilarious sidebars. Katie and Sharon both swear they were sober that night so it is possible they have just lost there ever-loving minds.

Episode 28: There Is an App for That Shit
This week Katie and Sharon talk about phone apps that help them exists as artists, mothers, wives, friends, and generally productive members of the human race. From calendars to light sabers and everything in between gets covered in this episode. Grab your phones and get ready to start searching for apps because you are bound to hear about some that you just can’t live without. There will be a full list of the apps mentioned in today’s show on our blog (see link below).

Episode 29: What The Hell Is Felting All About?
Katie really wanted to know what the hell this felting business was all about and Sharon was glad to tell her all about it this week! Listen in as Sharon explains the difference between needle felting and wet felting, and tells us all about the tools and materials we need to do each. As usual, The Gals are more than a little silly while discussing this subject and they trail of on a few strange sidebars.

Episode 30: Halloween Is Rad!
Listen in this week as Katie gets to talk about one of her favorite mixed media arts subjects ever! She walks Sharon and the rest of us through a basic rundown of book binding, the supplies you will need, and methods you can use. She gets a little more in-depth about Coptic binding, which is her favorite, and give us all some really great resources to use in our quest to tackle what she insists isn’t something we should feel intimidated about. Sharon was experiencing some wild weather during this recording so there are few areas where her audio gets a bit wonky but they are very brief and not that bad.

Episode 31: Book Binding, Don’t Be Afraid To Try It
Listen in this week as Katie gets to talk about one of her favorite mixed media arts subjects ever! She walks Sharon and the rest of us through a basic rundown of book binding, the supplies you will need, and methods you can use. She gets a little more in-depth about Coptic binding, which is her favorite, and give us all some really great resources to use in our quest to tackle what she insists isn’t something we should feel intimidated about. Sharon was experiencing some wild weather during this recording so there are few areas where her audio gets a bit wonky but they are very brief and not that bad.

Episode 32: Nature Crafts Are Awesome
After the devastating loss of this episode the first time around when Katie’s computer crashed over ¾ of the way through recording, The Gals did their best to pull themselves together and recreate this fun episode on nature crafts. Listen as they talk how to bring the outside inside in super cool ways. They even manage to bring glitter into this episode as well as discovering Sharon’s little issue with googly-eyes.

Episode 33: Bones and Taxidermy Rock Our Worlds
The Gals could hardly contain themselves when planning and recording this episode and we hope you share their enthusiasm for the topic. If you don’t like taxidermy or bones in your mixed media art, you should probably skip this one (just sayin’), but we hope you will listen anyway due to your morbid curiosity. Obviously Katie and Sharon are discussing their love of taxidermy and bones in mixed media. They talk about how they use it, how it can be used, and they talk about some of their favorite artist that use bones and taxidermy.

Episode 34: We Love Sewing So Hard
Today the gals talk to you sewing, which they friggen LOVE! And they love it so much; they think you should love it too! It isn’t as difficult as some of you think and they make a pretty strong case against you being intimidated by sewing. So listen while you are baking pies and shit! And have a Happy Thanksgiving! And make sure you check out the videos that we posted on the blog for you beginners.

Episode 35: Making Homemade Gifts That Don’t Suck
Oh man, we don’t even know what to say about this one other than it is amazing any helpful information was given at all. Between very special guest, Joy (Katie’s mom) and that whole dynamic, and Katie being loaded on pain meds when we recorded, shit goes sideways a few times. Sharon deserves a metal for keeping things on track. So come for the good advice and stay for the over the top entertainment.

Episode 36: Not Your Grandma’s Christmas Décor
Well, thankfully The Gals are back on planet earth this week… and they are just in time to talk to us about Christmas Décor! They have some really good ideas but mostly, they talk about how their families decorate and how they make their décor all their own. You will learn some disturbing things about the festivities at Katie’s house in this episode. (Umm… disturbingly awesome!) (Katie made us ass that.)

Episode 37: Gift Wrap Matters Too, Yo!
As we begin to reach the real fervor of holiday activity The Gals set down to talk about thoughtful gift wrap. While chatting about the dos and don’ts of gift wrapping Katie and Sharon take several enlightening and entertaining sidebars. Sharon sings a few times during this episode and Katie even gets a little sappy at the end!

Episode 38: Our First Annual Holiday Freak-out
In our final episode of 2014 The Gals just cut loose and get little goofy while talking about their holiday projects and plans. All sorts of topics come up, including vajazzling! And you all get a special holiday treat when Katie actually glues herself to something while recording the show! Happy holidays, dear listeners! We will be back in 2014 with tons of artsy goodness for you.

Episode 39: Make Some Soap, Yo!
Happy New Year! The Gals are back for their first episode of 2015 and they are talking homemade soap. If you have ever been intimidated by the cold press soap making process or, as Katie is, you are just afraid of working with lye, this is the episode for you. Sharon is a pretty awesome at making soaps and she teaches us new sexy words and calms our silly fears of blindness and disfiguring burns.

Revisiting Episode 21: Paper Is Super Rad
Gah! The Gals had some technical difficulties when trying to record this week’s episode and were just unable to get it recorded (they tried three times and lost all three recordings half way through). Since they are working on an episode about paper quilling we thought it appropriate to revisit the episode about paper that they mentioned it in back in August. Oh, there are also a couple of important announcements at the beginning of the show you may want to pay attention to.

Episode 40: Talking Internet Copyright with Bob Nicholson
Katie is flying solo today because Sharon had to take a couple of weeks off while getting settled in at her new home. Thankfully she wasn’t all alone for this episode though! Her friend Bob Nicholson joins us to talk internet copyright and tell us about his website, where you can register your web content and have your burning copyright questions answered. This is a really great one and we think it will be very helpful for all of our creative listeners.

Episode 41: Making Old Furniture New
Our super awesome listener, fan, and friend of the show, Loni Lane is keeping Katie company this week and Sharon continues to get her family settled in. Loni wanted to talk art furniture this week and since she is a wizard when it comes to refurbishing furniture, the conversation kind of meandered in that direction. If you are looking for some cool ideas on fixing up your old, boring furniture, or making that piece of thrift store/garage sale furniture you just bought your own, then this is the episode for you! It is a fun! Prepare to laugh and stuff.

Episode 42: Paper Quilling Is The Shiz
Yay! Sharon is back and Katie got so excited she forgot how to do the show intro! This week The Gals were finally able to get the paper quilling episode recorded and they have a great conversation about it. Be sure to check out our blog for this week’s show notes because in addition to Katie’s tutorial there are also some pretty great links with very inspiring and somewhat mind-blowing images and ideas.

Episode 43: We Love Yarn So Hard
Katie and Sharon get wrapped up in a conversation about yarn this week. They discuss how to read a yarn label, yarn sizes, and fibers yarn can be made from in this informative episode. Of course things get a bit silly and you may learn a few unrelated but entertaining things about

Episode 44: Embossing Knocks Our Socks Off
Being lovers of texture and really cool ways to achieve it, The Gals are naturally really big fans of embossing. Today they get their geek on about the subject while explaining the differences between dry, heat, and wet embossing. There are some weird sidebars that we don’t even have an explanation for so yeah, be prepared for that and enjoy the show.

Episode 45: You Are Totally Giving Us Wood
Hey there listeners! This week The Gals talk about the wonders of balsa wood! Believe it or not, this lightweight and totally sustainable wood product has many uses in the mixed media arts and crafts world. Katie was drinking a little before recording this episode so there are more boner jokes than necessary… but this wouldn’t be Two Artsy Gals without excessive inappropriate behavior, now would it?

Episode 46: Puppet Madness
As we build up to our first anniversary show The Gals have puppets on their minds because the anniversary will involve some. Since Katie and Sharon have puppets on the brain due to the planning of cool stuff for that show, they decided to talk about them here for a while. In this episode The Gals cover different types of puppets and how you can make them… and they also talk a lot about their love of Muppets and what constitutes creepy puppets.

Episode 47: Incredible Artable Eggs
Because Easter/Spring Holidays are coming up, all of which involve eggs, and because egg art is pretty damned cool, The Gals decided it would be fun to talk about. There is a little more to egg art than having vinegary, food color dyed finger tips though… and today you are going to learn quite a lot about some pretty awesome art forms that you just may want to give a try!

Episode 48: You Can Make A Stencil For That
This week The Gals talk about stencils… and cats… it is a strange cat filled week here at Two Artsy Gals. Maybe after you listen to this episode you can make a stencil of a cat. Who knows? Anyway, Katie and Sharon discuss uses for stencils, materials you can make your own stencils from, AND why they usually fail at successful stencil use (which means you will be getting tips on how to use stencils successfully).

Episode 49: Our Glittery One Year Anniversary
Wooohooo!!! Two Artsy Gals is celebrating its first birthday and we are doing it in true Two Artsy Gals form by dedicating an entire episode to glitter (and beards… don’t ask…). Things get pretty silly today as The Gals cut loose and celebrate. Be ready to go check out our blog after the show so you can see our special one year anniversary surprise for you! There will be links to cool sites AND there will be information available having to do with our big announcement at the end of the show.

Episode 50: Wax On Wax Off
Join The Gals in their excitement about encaustic painting this week! Learn a little about the history of encaustic work; listen to Katie and Sharon talk about their experiences with encaustics, and be amused by their usual antics. There are many new and exciting things to talk about on the horizon, hear just few today, and get a little update on our Kickstarter progress.

Episode 51: Don’t Drink That Ink
Katie and Sharon update you all on the Kickstarter progress at the top of the show and then get on to today’s topic, alcohol inks. Katie is pretty excited to start playing around with these awesome inks for the show, and Sharon talks about her experiences with them. There is supposed to be a video for this episode but the computer gods have been conspiring against the show so you will just have to listen to The Gals talk about all the cool things you can do with these inks.

Episode 52: Paper Dolls Are Fun
Wow… this week the girls are a little off track with their crazy talk. They did manage to fit the some interesting and fun information about paper dolls between their strange sidebars and sidebars from sidebars. We are entering the final week of our Kickstarter campaign so Katie and Sharon kick off the show with an update and a reminder about the donor reward gifts we are offering. This is going to be an entertaining one for sure.

Episode 53: Shrinky Dink Is Magic Stuff
Katie and Sharon talk about the magic that is Shrinky Dink plastic this week and you definitely don’t want to miss this episode. Along with some great reminiscing and sharing of ideas about Shrinky Dinks, The Gals talk about rude song birds and rockstar molestation (and boogers and boobs)… so you know, it is business as usual around the Two Artsy Gals studio this week!

Episode 54: WTF Is Tole Painting Anyway
In this week’s episode of Two Artsy Gals, we join Katie and Sharon for an interesting discussion about the origins of tole painting, how it done, and where you can see it. Katie had a hangover when recording this episode but she holds it together like a champ. There is also talk of cabbage farts, 4-H, and May Day (among other things). Oh! And there is a pretty big announcement at the end of the show so you will want to stick around for that.

Episode 55: Tyvek The Wonder Fiber
This week The Gals excitedly discuss all of the truly awesome things you can do with Tyvek. This stuff is great and as you will soon find out, it has many applications in mixed media art, crafts, and sewing. There are some strange sidebars about music but most of their distracted chitter-chatter manages to stay relatively close to being on topic in this episode.

Episode 56: Revisiting Nature Crafts
This is Sharon’s second to last episode and in honor of her, Katie decided it was only fitting to talk about Sharon’s favorite art jam. The Gals did an episode about nature crafts last fall but just couldn’t get to everything they wanted to in the amount of time allotted so they are revisiting the topic to get to a couple of Sharon’s favorites.

Episode 57: Saying Goodbye to Sharon
Well listeners, this is it… Sharon’s final episode as Katie’s co-host, and just a heads up, The Gals got a little tipsy before recording. It is just a fun episode. There is silly visiting; story swapping, some phone calls, a little sappiness, and a lot of laughter. Check out the Two Artsy Gals blog for show notes and images relating to this episode.

 Episode 58: Hand Embroidering Shit With Loni
After and emergency recording session (yesterday) The Gals are back with Loni’s first official show! They are talking hand embroidery today and it is a lively conversation! Despite having to record every show for the month of June over again in one day, Katie and Loni didn’t lose any of their enthusiasm for the subject… or any of the crazy sidebars they veered off on. Fun and goofy is the order of the day!

Episode 59: Pocket Shrines and Penises On Spring
Katie and Loni had way too much fun with this episode! You can tell because they start talking about dirty things within the first five minutes or so. Despite the dirty jokes The Gals did manage to fit in a lot of information about pocket shrines AND they were able to make some examples. Check out the Two Artsy Gals blog for show notes and images relating to this episode.

Episode 60: We Wish We Didn’t Suck At Calligraphy
In this week’s episode Katie and Loni talk about calligraphy and how much they love it but wish they were better at it. They also give a lot of helpful information about the tools, styles, and uses for this beautiful art form. Things get mildly pornographic for a while… we think Loni is even dirtier than Katie (and that is saying something)!

Episode 61: We Can Tape All Your Buttcheeks Together
This is an amusing episode. I mean… who doesn’t love tape?!?!? The Gals sure do love it and they get in depth on different kinds of tape and how they can be used in your next mixed media art project. There are antics to be sure, but you will come away with a lot of great ideas from this one and we think you will have as much fun listening as Katie and Loni did recording!

Episode 62: Beads and the Gals Who Make Them
The Gals made some damned cool beads for this episode and you are going to want to hear all about them. Things get wild this week. The excessive heat we have been having here could be to blame. Perhaps Katie and Loni were just overly excited about using the new recording equipment. Whatever the cause just be warned that The Gals are extra goofy in this one… Oh! And we know there are a few kinks to work out on the audio so please just bear with us while we learn how to use the mixer and adjust our setup.

Episode 63: Brown Paper Baggin’ It
Wow. Just wow. This episode is kind of all over the place. The Gals talk about different ways you can use brown paper bags in your artistic endeavors and they talk about a lot of other wacky stuff too. It is obvious the heat was getting to them… there are some interesting and entertaining sidebars for sure.

Episode 64: OMG! Sparkly Watercolors!
The Gals couldn’t wait to talk about their experiments with pearlescent watercolors! They had so much fun playing with them and they had a lot to say about this product. They had a lot to say about a lot of things (as usual), including but not limited to watercolors, being art-shy, and summer self-esteem issues. This is a fun episode that you won’t want to miss.

Episode 65: Talking Tattoos and Shit with Anne Morando
The Gals had a great conversation with Katie’s friend and tattoo artist, Anne Morando. Anne gives listeners some valuable information on what to look for in a tattoo/piercing shop and experience. This was a fun episode for us to record and we think you will enjoy listening in as we cover everything from taint tattoos to jewelry making. There is a lot of joking, swearing, and goofing off to be had so sit back and prepare to laugh!

Episode 66: Foil Engraving and a Pep Talk
The Gals weren’t expecting to record this episode when they did but due to an ironic lack of sunshine on the late July morning they met to record, they had to bag the sun prints they planned to do and talk about foil engraving instead. This stuff is also called scratch art and it is pretty cool. Loni comes up with some pretty racy ideas and Katie gives us all a pep talk about trying new things. It is a great episode that ran a bit long.

Episode 67: Sun Prints and Flippin’ The Bird
The weather cooperated with Katie and Loni this week and they were able to have some fun in the sun while doing Sun Prints for you. They had a blast and we think you will too. While discussing their sun prints The Gals ponder inappropriate objects they could be used for Sun Prints… that gets interesting to say the least. For some reason the first three or four minutes of this episode are missing. We have no idea what happened but you will come in on the middle of a conversation about Ferris Wheels and a weekend filled with too much rum.

Episode 68: Design Some Badass Fabric
This week The Gals talk about one of Katie’s passions… Fabric Design! She loves it! Loni loves it, and by the time you get done listening to them tell you about all the different ways you can design your own fabric for garments and home décor uses, you are going to want to fall in love with it too (if you don’t love it already).

Episode 69: Illuminating Some Cool Shit
Oregon is covered in smoke and too damned hot! In all of their delirious glory, The Gals managed to get an episode about making lamps and the magic of illuminating your world. Get tons of ideas and tutorials about making your own amazing lamps and lanterns. It gets a bit nutty around the studio and the gals have tons of crazy size bars… and Katie eats zots. Lots of apple zots.

Episode 70: Geeking Out About Books with The Book Roadie: Ealasaid Hass
In this full hour (maybe a bit longer) episode The Gals turn into super book geeks during their amazing conversation with friend of the show, Ealasaid Hass. She is The Book Roadie. She makes stunningly beautiful journals and books with her own two hands. She knows a lot about books. She knows a lot about glues, pastes and adhesives. She loves books as much as we do! She pretty much rocks our faces off and you are going to love this interview. Be sure to check the website after this episode because you are going to want to see pictures of her gorgeous hand bound journals and all of the cool things she tells us about.

Episode 71: Write Some Friggin’ Letters, Yo!
The Gals love writing letters and this week they talk about the dying art form of hand writing letters. They encourage you to do so and to get you started; they offer to connect listeners with each other so we can all have new pen pals! They also announce the big reveal of our drawing prize for Facebook. A lot of awesome stuff this week people! Make sure you listen!

Episode 72: Light Up Your Art Like a Boss
At long last Katie has delivered on her promise to put together an episode about wiring LEDs into artwork. There is some crazy preamble involving the animals in the studio (the four legged ones, not The Gals), and Loni serenades Katie about fundraising (which is hilarious). Don’t worry about taking notes, there will be tons of stuff on the blog for you to reference later (video and step by step instructions with pictures). This episode took some painstaking effort post recording to get to you, so we hope you enjoy it and it helps you light up your arts and crafts. [Note: There are errors in this episode that have yet to be changed… Katie might get to it, she might not. Just know that she knows that she should have been wiring her switches in parallel and one of these days she will make a new video explaining why.]

Episode 73: Talking Costume Design with Lisa Vollrath
This is week of October, which means we are kicking off our month of Halloween related episodes! YAY! We want you to have plenty of time to get a bad-ass costume going so we are starting things off by discussing costume design with Lisa Vollrath of Ten Two Studios. The Gals have a great time talking about Lisa’s experience with costume design and Lisa gives us some excellent tips and advice about designing and making our own costumes.

Episode 74: Light Up Your Friggin’ Halloween!
Things get completely out of control in this episode. I know we always say that but seriously, The Gals lose it! There will be squealing and hysterical/semi uncontrolled laughter. They do talk about some cool ways to bring light into your Halloween décor and it is going to seriously rock your world… but yeah… out of control. It happens.

Episode 75: Make Some Creepy, Cool, and Delicious Treats!
This is week three of Octoberween here at Two Artsy Gals and Katie & Loni made some delicious treats to celebrate! We are talking artsy and creative foods with a Halloween theme and there are witch fingers; poison apples, mummy pizzas, popcorn balls and more. We also have a winner in our drawing for the collaborative fiber at piece that The Gals did! How exciting! Katie has a cold so sorry about the coughing. Oh, and Katie’s cat is being a jerk today… so sorry about that too.

Episode 76: Haunt Your Shit, Yo!
The Gals talk haunted houses this week and amongst all the stories of haunted house traumas past, they give us some low cost and easy to pull off ideas for making your space a little more haunted this Halloween. Katie didn’t really have a plan for this episode due to the terrible cold she had last week… things get a little kooky and off track but we think/hope you will still get some great ideas. If not at least you will get a good laugh!

Episode 77: TGIH
Thank goodness it’s Halloween!!! Technically Halloween was yesterday but The Gals wanted to have pictures for you to see for this episode so we ended up waiting to put this one up. This is a wrap up to our “Octoberween” special month of Halloween. It has been a long month, yo! Katie and Loni talk creepy old Victorian costumes, extra creepy traditional Irish carved turnips, and give us some progress on their costumes (this was recorded last week).

Episode 78: Do Some Cool Shit With Fall Leaves
Autumn is happening right friggen now people! There are gorgeous leaves everywhere and they aren’t going to last long; if you want to capture some of this beauty and preserve it then this is the episode for you because that is exactly what The Gals are talking about today. Watch out, they are both feeling a little saucy this week and things take an unexplained turn for the raunchy towards the end (as if you would expect anything different).

Episode 79: Good Ol’ Crayons
The Gals talk crayons today… yep, crayons. There is a lot of cool shit you can do with crayons that doesn’t involve a coloring book, ya know. We learn about those and of course there is discussion about the adult coloring book crazy. And other crazy stuff. Crayons are rad. Use them.

Episode 80: A Tisket, A Tasket, Make Your Own F@*king Basket
For some reason fall and Thanksgiving makes us think of baskets… this is what The Gals are talking about today. Along with some debate regarding the origin of the cornucopia, and some rather over the top sidebarring , Katie and Loni talk about different methods of weaving baskets and all of the cool materials you can use to make your own baskets. Buckle your seatbelts listeners; this one gets wild!

Episode 81: Holiday Drunkisode with Special Guest Sharon Rowland
This is it… our Thanksgiving weekend holiday card making drunkisode! After having a lovely dinner and drinks Katie, Loni, and our beloved Sharon headed up to the Two Artsy Gals studio for more drinks and some crafting fun time. The Gals are a bit concerned this episode won’t be as entertaining to listen to as it was to record but trust us when we tell you that a good time was had by all. Grab your favorite beverage (alcohol or not… wither is fine), put on your stretchy, comfortable pants, and make some holiday cards with these nuts.

Episode 82: Snow Globes Are Rad!
Katie and Loni made snow globes and they had so much fun it was a little ridiculous! In this week’s episode they tell us all about snow globes they made and how they made them. There is much discussion about glitter, a couple of weird sidebar rants, and as always, plenty of laughter. Get some empty jars and set down to make some snow globes with the gals!

Episode 83: Granny Squares Are Actually Pretty Awesome
It is all about granny squares today on Two Artsy Gals. Crocheting is Katie fiber art jam so she is very excited to tell you all about the granny square lap blanket she just made. The Gals spend much of this episode convincing you all that granny squares are actually cool now, and they also spend a lot of time laughing about the weird 70s granny squares they grew up with. It is a fun and silly episode today.

Episode 84: Folded Book Art Is Insane, Yo!
Katie recently tried her hand at folded book art. It was almost a disaster but things came together in the end and she has some tips and pointers that will make things easier on you all when you try. The Gals have a nice chat about Folded Book art and as you have come to expect, there are several crazy sidebars. This is our last episode of 2015 so we hope you all have very happy holidays and we will be back with fresh episode in 2016!

Episode 85: Organize Your Shit, Yo!
Happy New Year everyone! This is our first episode of 2016 and because The Gals have studio organization and inspiring creative spaces on their minds we are talking that and more. Listen is as Katie and Loni talk about what is and isn’t working for them in their creative spaces and their goals for improvement. The Gals are still on a bit of a high from seeing Patti Smith play earlier in the week so things get a little mushy a couple of times. But don’t worry, all the mushy content is made up for by their usual inappropriate humor.

Episode 86: Turn Your Junk Into Art
It has been a rough week/month for all fans of the arts and The Gals start this episode off with a heartfelt discussion about losing Lemmy, Bowie, and Alan Rickman (among others)… all of this got us right in the feels. Things take a turn for the upbeat as Katie and Loni talk about turning items you use and dispose of daily around the house into cool art. It is a great episode full of fun ideas.

Episode 87: Start Your Own Art Group, Yo!
This week The Gals talk about art groups and art swaps. They talk about what art groups have meant to them and how they came to be in the ones they are in. You will learn all about managing swaps and the sort of things you should consider when forming art groups… including a few tales of woe. Katie coughs a lot and they both get goofy and off track, as you have come to expect. It is a good, talky show.

Episode 88: Dioramaramamama
It’s a diorama-ramam, mama! Ha! Yes, The Gals are talking about dioramas today. Learn a little about the history of dioramas and their uses beyond the world of elementary school homework assignments. Katie and Loni discuss the dioramas they made and how many amazing things you have use to house your diorama. This is a fun one! You are totally going to want to make a diorama when you are done listening.

Episode 89: Scratchy Valentine’s Day
Holy shit balls, listeners! This episode gets really crazy. We thought about editing out some of the hysterical laughter and inappropriate humor but there would have been about 10 minutes of content left and that just isn’t enough to bother with. Not that many of our episodes could be considered safe for work or family listening, but this one takes Katie and Loni’s antics to a new level of jackassery. Yes, you will learn how to make scratch off valentines (or scratch off cards), but that is a very simple process… the rest of the show is a half an hour of The Gals laughing about the inappropriate things one can do with scratch off valentines and their usual, bizarre sidebars

Episode 90: Soda Can Tabs Are The Shiz
This week The Gals work on ridding Loni of her unreasonable but deeply ingrained fear of rust so they can convince all of you how awesome the stuff is. In addition to cover why you don’t need to be afraid of contracting lockjaw from touching rust they cover what sort of metals rust the best; ways to encourage rust to happen (both naturally and chemically), and some really cool ideas for ways you can use rust in your mixed media art.

Episode 91: Rust is Your Friend
This week The Gals work on ridding Loni of her unreasonable but deeply ingrained fear of rust so they can convince all of you how awesome the stuff is. In addition to cover why you don’t need to be afraid of contracting lockjaw from touching rust they cover what sort of metals rust the best; ways to encourage rust to happen (both naturally and chemically), and some really cool ideas for ways you can use rust in your mixed media art.

Episode 92: Interview with Rachel Graves of Wanton Fibers
The Gals hit the road this week and did their first ever interview “on location” when they traveled to beautiful Hubbard, Oregon for and visit with fiber artist, Rachel Graves. She was very gracious and invited us into her home in the middle of a week day and an excellent time was had by all. Hear about the gorgeous yarns Rachel dyes, the journey that brought her to yarn dying, and listen in on a wonderful conversation about the problems with Etsy and selling in an online market place. Please forgive the little bit of feedback once in a while… Katie learned a lesson about not setting her phone next to the new recorder!

Episode 93: Moldable Plastic is the Stuff of Awesome
Yay! The Gals are back this week after Katie’s weird cold-allergy hybrid thing that made her lose her voice last week. They are talking moldable plastics today and this is a very cool product we think you will all want to try out once you hear all the cool shit you can do with it. This is an oddly tame episode… we blame Katie’s twice a day Zyrtec… don’t worry; there are still plenty of insane sidebars.

Episode 94: Victorian Hairwork: Creepy or Effing Amazing?
The Gals can’t decided if they are grossed out or really into our topic this week but there is no doubt that they are completely enthralled by it. Katie and Loni discuss Victorian Hairwork/mourning jewelry and some of its history as the alternate between having the heebie-jeebies and being a little too excited about things. They are in weird moods… so expect strange behavior.

Episode 95: Metal Leaf: Put That Shit on Everything!
In this week’s episode The Gals talk about metal leaf and as much as they love shiny/sparkly things we can’t believe they haven’t talked about this sooner! Brace yourselves for some crazy and lengthy side bars because this is the first time Katie and Loni had been able to hang out together in a couple of weeks. Despite all the silliness you will learn about different types of metal leaf (gold and alloys), brushes, and how to apply metal leaf to your awesome projects.

Episode 96: Art Pranks
We had April Fool’s Day on our minds this week so The Gals decided to do an episode on art pranks. They cover some famous art pranks, some classic art pranks, and some simple but fun ways you can use art to prank the world around you. It is a fun one this week so enjoy!

Episode 97: Colored Pencils Rock Our World
Colored pencils are awesome and The Gals tell us all about them in this episode. Everyone knows about your typical school supply colored pencils but there are many types to choose from depending on what you would like to do with them. And you can use them on almost any surface! This is a really fun and informative episode that forced both Katie and Loni to buy new colored pencils.