Two Artsy Gals is a conversational, lighthearted, and informative podcast covering all things mixed media art, crafts, and more. This blog is where you will find images, videos, and links to topics discussed in the weekly episodes of the Two Artsy Gals podcast.

Katie and Loni are real “Jills of all trades” when it comes to their art so who knows… you could hear about basics like tools and techniques in one episode, altered books or origami the next, and then end up listening to one or both gals rant about a knitting/crochet/sewing project. These are some funny ladies who like to laugh and joke, and want to include you in their conversations about the things they love. Their hope is that you are thoroughly entertained while you learn from their shared experience in mixed media arts and crafts! To learn more about your hosts please check out the Bios page.

It feels silly mentioning this but since the internet is rife with trolls, know-it-alls, and general unkindness, it is unavoidable (and because most people never take the time to read terms of use pages we thought we would slip this in here all unsuspecting like). Please remember that this podcast, blog, and all other correlating social media accounts are for entertainment purposes only. They are also free. Your feedback and input are welcomed and important as they only serve to make a better show, however, abusive and/or unkind comments will be deleted, and associated users will be blocked from all social media accounts. Here would also be a good place to let you know there will most likely be swearing involved in the podcast (because Katie has a totally uncontrollable potty mouth!). If you don’t like swearing then this is most likely not the mixed media arts podcast for you.


3 Responses to About

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  2. Colleen Kent says:

    Just started listening and I’m really enjoying your podcast! Thanks for making it. BTW, where on the Olympic peninsula do you live, Sharon? I’m in Sequim.


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