Episode List

This podcast happened for four years and in that time we recorded 156 episodes. We covered numerous topics, but we didn’t get to cover everything. Since we like you, we are going to make it easy for you to find out if we covered the topic you want to know about.
(If we did then just copy and paste the episode title into the search bar over there on the right to find said episode. What? You didn’t think we were going to put 156 links here, did you? Come on… we don’t like you THAT much!)

Episode 1: Getting to Know You

Episode 2: What the Hell is Mixed Media Anyway?

Episode 3: Textures to Live By           

Episode 4: Adhesives, a Love Story

Episode 5: Don’t Be Such a Tool, Yo!

Episode 6: Hard or Soft, They are all Pretty Cool

Episode 7: Making Jewelry That Doesn’t Suck

Episode 8: Mail Some Effing Art, Yo!

Episode 9: Let’s Cut Some Bitches… No wait! I Mean Stamps!

Episode 10: So, You Want to Sell Some Art?

Episode 11: Collage the World

Episode 12: Better Safe than on Fire or Bleeding

Episode 13: Shit You Need to Know About Copyright

Episode 14: Altered Book Awesomeness

Episode 15: Sealants, Use Then But Don’t Huff Them

Episode 16: Clay Is Pretty Awesome

Episode 17: Shit You Need To Know About Photographing Your Art

Episode 18: Make New Shit Look Like Old Shit

Episode 19: We Want All The Paints!!!

Episode 20: Our Crazy 20th Episode

Episode 21: Paper Is Super Rad

Episode 22: Brand Your Shit, Yo!

Episode 23: Cutty Stabby Fun Time

Episode 24: Yay! Paper Mache

Episode 25: Artist Trading Card Awesomeness

Episode 26: Let’s Crochet and Knit Some Shit!

Episode 27: Demystifying the Paintbrush Isle

Episode 28: There Is and App for That Shit

Episode 29: What The Hell Is Felting All About?

Episode 30: Halloween Is Rad!

Episode 31: Book Binding, Don’t Be Afraid To Try It

Episode 32: Nature Crafts Are Awesome

Episode 33: Bones and Taxidermy Rock Our Worlds

Episode 34: We Love Sewing So Hard

Episode 35: Making Homemade Gifts That Don’t Suck

Episode 36: Not Your Grandma’s Christmas Décor

Episode 37: Gift Wrap Matters Too, Yo!

Episode 38: Our First Annual Holiday Freak-out!!!

Episode 39: Make Some Soap, Yo!

Episode 40: Talking Internet Copyright with Bob Nicholson

Episode 41: Making Old Furniture New

Episode 42: Paper Quilling Is The Shiz!

Episode 43: We Love Yarn So Hard

Episode 44: Embossing Knocks Our Socks Off

Episode 45: You Are Totally Giving Us Wood

Episode 46: Puppet Madness

Episode 47: Incredible Artable Eggs

Episode 48: You Can Make A Stencil For That

Episode 49: Our Glitter One Year Anniversary

Episode 50: Wax On Wax Off

Episode 53: Don’t Drink That Ink

Episode 52: Paper Dolls Are Fun

Episode53: Shrinky Dink is Magic Stuff!

Episode 54: WTF Is Tole Painting Anyway?

Episode 55: Tyvek The Wonder Fiber

Episode 56: Revisiting Nature Crafts

Episode 57: Saying Goodbye to Sharon

Episode 58: Hand Embroidering Shit With Loni

Episode 59: Pocket Shrines and Penises On Springs

Episode 60: We Wish We Didn’t Suck At Calligraphy

Episode 61: We Can Tape All Your Buttcheeks Together

Episode 62: Beads and the Gals Who Make Them

Episode 63: Brown Paper Baggin’ It

Episode 64: OMG! Sparkly Watercolors!

Episode 65: Talking Tattoos and Shit with Anne Morando

Episode 66: Foil Engraving and a Pep Talk

Episode 67: Sun Prints and Flippin’ The Bird

Episode 68: Design Some Badass Fabric

Episode 69: Illuminating Some Cool Shit

Episode 70: Geeking Out About Books with The Book Roadie: Ealasaid Hass

Episode 71: Write Some Friggin’ Letters, Yo!

Episode 72: Light Up Your Art Like a Boss

Episode 73: Talking Costume Design with Lisa Vollrath

Episode 74: Light Up Your Friggin’ Halloween!

Episode 75: Make Some Creepy, Cool, and Delicious Treats!

Episode 76: Haunt Your Shit, Yo!

Episode 77: TGIH!

Episode 78: Do Some Cool Shit With Fall Leaves

Episode 79: Good Ol’ Crayons

Episode 80: A Tisket, A Tasket, Make Your Own F@*king Basket

Episode 81: Holiday Drunkisode with Special Guest Sharon Rowland

Episode 82: Snow Globes Are Rad

Episode 83: Granny Squares Are Actually Pretty Awesome

Episode 84: Folded Book Art Is Insane, Yo!

Episode 85: Organize Your Shit, Yo!

Episode 86: Turn Your Junk Into Art

Episode 87: Start Your Own Art Group, Yo!

Episode 88: Dioramaramamama

Episode 89: Scratchy Valentine’s Day

Episode 90: Soda Can Tabs Are The Shiz

Episode 91: Rust is Your Friend

Episode 92: Interview with Rachel Graves of Wanton Fibers

Episode 93: Moldable Plastic is the Stuff of Awesome

Episode 94: Victorian Hairwork: Creepy or Effing Amazing?

Episode 95: Metal Leaf: Put That Shit on Everything!

Episode 96: Art Pranks

Episode 97: Colored Pencils Rock Our World

Episode 98: Miniature Bits of Awesome

Episode 99: Fabric Painty Goodness

Episode 100: Our 100th Episode! Yay!

Episode 101: Your Art Is So Transparent, Yo!

Episode 102: Press Your Flowers, Yo!

Episode 103: Mold Making Basics

Episode 104: Troubleshooting Your Mixed Media Issues

Episode 105: Paper Cut Art

Episode 106: Don’t Be Scared of Matting and Framing Your Own Art

Episode 107: Beading Is Bending Our Brains

Episode 108: Inkjet Some Cool Shit, yo!

Episode 109: Interview With Bad Ass Metalsmith: Angela Whitlock

Episode 110: The Mod Podge Extravaganza!!!

Episode 111: Using Fabric In Your Mixed Media Art

Episode 112: All The Cool Shit You Can Do With Mandala

Episode 113: Velvet Painting Ghost Vaginas

Episode 114: Untying The Mysteries Of Macramé

Episode 115: Gelatos and Dylusions Are Super Rad

Episode 116: Put Some Gesso On That Shit!

Episode 117: A Little Geeking Out About Fabrics

Episode 118: Archive Your Shit, Yo!

Episode 119: Dissecting Owl Pellets To Harvest Cool Bones

Episode 120: String Art Is All Mathy

Episode 121: We Love Halloween

Episode 122: Ahhhh! We Are Seeing Triple!

Episode 123: WTF Is Raffia?

Episode 124: Stretch And Prime Your Own Canvases, Yo!

Episode 125: Glass Etch Some Cool Shit, Yo!

Episode 126: Repurposing Maps And Globes

Episode 127: Unconventional Portraits

Episode 128: Whoremade Vagornaments

Episode 129: Finding Your Artsy Tribe

Episode 130: Know Your Easels, Yo!

Episode 131: Protest Art Is Rad

Episode 132: Doing Stuff With Cutting Machines

Episode 133: Modern Quilting With Corrinna Griffis

Episode 134: Put A Feather On It

Episode 135: A Few of Our Favorite Female Artists

Episode 136: Let’s Sculpt Some Stuff, Yo!

Episode 136: Let’s Sculpt Some Stuff, Yo!

Episode 158: Steam Punk Rocks Our World

Episode 139: Gelli Plate Fun Time with The Gals

Episode 140: Stop Collaborate And Listen

Episode 141: Happy Mother’s Day, Yo!

Episode 142: Fractal Images Are Freaking Us Out, Yo!

Episode 143: Indian Paper Art Blowing Our Minds!

Episode 144: Tips For Sewing With Knits

Episode 145: Foraging At The Bins: Tips, Triumphs, and Warnings

Episode 146: The Gals Swap Altered Cabinet Cards

Episode 147: Travel Art Kits Are Rad

Episode 148: Free Art Friday

Episode 149: Epic Vacation Shadow Box Ideas

Episode 150: Fun With Markers And Vacation Stuff

Episode 151: Pour Painting, Not Poor Painting

Episode 152: Getting Real With Art Therapy

Episode 153: Dimensional, and Maybe Pornographic, Fiber Art

Episode 154: All The Sugar Skulls

Episode 155: Carving Wood, Not Just A Euphemism

Episode 156: The Final Megasode