Collage the World

Wow! The gals got a little bit wild and crazy in this episode, didn’t they?!??! Well, after last week’s more serious conversation, I think we all needed to cut loose a bit. Somewhere between covering Sebastian Bach’s face in collage, and cover entire walls with Jesus Kittens, we think Katie and Sharon managed to share some useful information about collage.

Here are the links to those articles that were mentioned at the beginning of the show. This is a great article on Wise Geek that we think you will find very interesting. And here is the Wikipedia page for collage

Now before you go any further in this post, we want to remind you that Katie warned you about the graphic nature of her most recent examples of collage work. There is nudity. Pornographic in nature. Coming up in, like, a matter of seconds. So if you don’t want to see it, please stop here. If you don’t stop here and look at the picture anyway and then get offended and complain, then you are a mega douche, and shall forever be named Doucheatron. Ok, you have been warned.

These are the pages from the altered book that Katie was talking about in the episode.
















Here are some examples of collage that Sharon has done (Katie dropped the ball on reminding Sharon we needed examples for this episode so we have been forced to use examples she has already used in an earlier episode).
















And here are a couple less filthy examples of Katie’s collage work. The first is a “self-portrait” she did a couple of years ago and the second is a postcard she made.









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