Episode 18: Make New Shit Look Like Old Shit

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So much weird crap happens in this episode that I am not even sure if we were able to remember all of the products mentioned so we could give you good links. We’ll throw in links to a couple of tutorial videos for some of the techniques mentioned in the show to make up for any missed product links though.

Katie kind of loses her marbles a few times during this episode because Portland has been having a bit of a heat wave the last week or two. But between tantrums the gals do manage to give some really great ideas and tips about making new items, or your art work look really old. Even if you don’t like your art to look dark and you are not obsessed with bones and skulls, old things just have a special charm to them. They tell us a story and when we take time to make our work tell a deeper story, it is even better.

The first product discussed on today’s episode was a crackle surface treatment that Katie called One-Step Crackle, but upon looking it up we realized that is not what it is called!!! Sorry Ranger! The product is actually called Crackle Accents. It is however a one step crackle treatment. And it is really cool. So here is the link to it. http://rangerink.com/?product=inkssentials%E2%84%A2-crackle-accents%E2%84%A2

Sharon also mentioned a Ranger product! Because, you know, they make some cool shit! She uses the Vintaj Patinas in her jewelry and they are pretty darned cool. You should check them out. http://rangerink.com/?product=vintaj-patinas

Here is a nice video tutorial about tea staining paper. Although we would let the tea brew much longer and would probably keep the paper in longer, that is a matter of preference and you should feel free to experiment. This is the same technique that we would use with coffee staining as well. http://youtu.be/NclJQpQs14M

And here is the Instructables tutorial that Katie used to learn how to get a beautiful blue patina on copper by making an ammonia fume chamber. http://www.instructables.com/id/Blue-Patina-on-Copper/

We hope you enjoyed this episode! It was a wild ride, we know, but what’s life without a little craziness once in a while. If you have any questions or comments about this episode, or any others, or you just want to tell us we are rad and stuff, you can send your email to twoartsygals@gmail.com. Next week we will be back talking about paint. Yes, paint! But we promise it won’t be as boring as watching paint dry… so until then, make some cool shit, yo!


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