Nature Crafts Are Awesome

ERMERGERD!!!!! So The Gals got almost all the way through recording this episode and then lost it due to a computer crash! They were soooo bummed because there was some hilarious stuff in that episode that just can’t be recreated. As bummed out as they were, Sharon and Katie managed to rally and start all over to bring you a pretty cool episode.


Fall seemed to be an accidental secondary theme for the nature crafts and The Gals really got into ways you can bring all the cool shit falling off trees into your home by creating centerpieces and other décor elements. Sharon talked to us about making pine needle baskets (which Katie didn’t even know was a thing) and as promised; here is a link to instructions on that process.

In all of the topic hopping the subject of flower presses quickly popped up then got lost but we did remember to find a link with instructions on how to build your own. We even priced it out on the Home Depot website and depending on the plywood you purchase, you can make your own form around $15 that is much larger and probably more sturdy than ones you would find to purchase premade for twice that price. These instructions are the best we could find but don’t feel like you HAVE to use the same wood they use or even make it the same size.


Unfortunately The Gals were pretty thrown off and a lot of the stuff they planned for this episode didn’t make it in the redo… that just means we will have to do another nature crafts episode in the future! If you have any ideas for the next nature craft episode, or if you have any questions or comments about this episode please email The Gals at Next week they will be back to talk about bones and taxidermy so make sure you come back for that and until then, make sure cool shit, yo!

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