Episode 34: We Love Sewing So Hard

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OMG! SO it is the day before Thanksgiving and there is currently apple pie boiling over as it bakes in my Katie’s oven, which means her house is full of smoke. Katie has also been recovering from ankle surgery over the last week and has been hitting the pain meds so far… so what we are saying is that Katie is in charge of this blog post and we can’t be responsible for what does or doesn’t get included this week.

So yeah, we fucking love sewing! We sew clothes and costumes and crafts and we often include sewing in our art! We love it and we think you should love it too! Don’t be intimidated or scared! Just try! Take a class. Watch the video in this post. Look up more videos! Just do some sewing before you say you don’t know how! It is easy once you get the hang of it.

So we found some good videos for you. This one gives you some pretty good basics about using a sewing machine (Katie uses almost this exact machine for 90% of her sewing needs).


This is a pretty good but rather wordy explanation of using sewing patterns. You should watch it but seriously, don’t fucking panic if you cut off the little black triangle thingies when cutting out the paper pattern! You can always mark them with a pin and cut them out of the fabric if you forget them.


And because this is one of Katie’s biggest pet peeves, watch this lady teach you how to hand sew a hem. Because you know, grown up hem their fucking pants!


While I am sure there were photos promised during the recording of this episode, a lot has happened since then… I mean, who is supposed to remember anything after a week of opiate based pain killers???? SO yeah, no pictures this week. Mostly because we can’t remember what the hell we were going to post, but also because Katie has to get her ass off here and finish making pies while hobbling around with a sore ankle and talking Sharon down via text as she and her family drive to their Thanksgiving Day celebration location. Oh, and Katie’s mom is doing some weird banging around down in the kitchen and frankly, it is making her more than a little nervous.

You are in for a real treat next week!!! Katie’s mom sat in as a special guest and Katie was totally loaded on Oxycodone when we recorded. Things get out of control when we talk about how to give homemade gifts that don’t suck. So until next week, make some cool shit, yo!


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