Episode 58: Hand Embroidering Shit With Loni

Two Artsy Gals is back this week with a fresh new episode that just so happens to be Loni’s first official episode! YAY! Welcome to Loni! We think you will love having her aboard because she is just as fun and silly as everyone else around here (so she fits right in). Loni and Katie have been participating in a hand embroidery sampler swap for the last few months and they thought it would be a great subject for this episode.

Here are some pictures of a few sampler pages they have done for the swap that inspired this episode (at the end of the swap each person will sew their “pages” into their own little sampler book).

This is Katie’s first set of pages. They will go in her book and she used these as an example for the group so they would know how to put their pages together.













And these are the pages that Loni did for Katie’s book. How cute are they?!?!
















And this is the amazing owl and TARDIS that their friend Luna did for Katie! That owls is seriously filled with tiny little french knots!










The Gals started off with a little talk about stitches and a rundown of the basics. Here are some links to each group of stitches. Remember this website because Mary Corbet is the shit!

Line stitches: http://www.needlenthread.com/2006/06/basic-embroidery-stitches-line-stitches.html

Chain stitches: http://www.needlenthread.com/2006/06/basic-embroidery-stitches-chain.html

Fill stitches: http://www.needlenthread.com/2006/07/basic-embroidery-stitches-filling-stitches-i.html

Detached stitches: http://www.needlenthread.com/2006/07/basic-embroidery-stitches-detached.html

You will also want to bookmark Mary Corbet’s Youtube page because she knows her stuff! https://www.youtube.com/user/MaryCorbet

Katie and Loni also talked about the things you will need to do embroidery and of course we have some links to help you out with that too.

Embroidery hoops: http://www.needlework-tips-and-techniques.com/embroidery-hoops.html

Needles: http://stitchingcow.com/pages/which-needle-should-i-use

Floss: http://www.createforless.com/buying-guides/crochet,-knitting-and-other-needlework/embroidery-floss-%E2%80%93-cotton,-dmc-six-strand,-variegated-more.aspx

Oh! And patterns… if you don’t feel comfortable drawing out your designs on your fabric in pencil like Loni and Katie do, you can always use patterns. This site is Katie’s favorite place to get machine embroidery patterns and you can get everything they sell for machine embroidery for hand embroidery as well! http://www.urbanthreads.com/

The Gals are absolutely gaga about all of the amazing hand embroidery examples they found when researching this episode. One artist they found is so mind-blowingly amazing that we wanted to make sure we mentioned her specifically. Please make sure to check out the work of Chloe Giordano, you will not believe the detail she achieves on such an impossibly small scale. http://www.chloegiordano.com/embroidery.html

We also gathered a nice array of hand embroidery examples that include many mixed-media art applications; go visit the Pintrest board for this episode to have a look. https://www.pinterest.com/twoartsygals/episode-58-hand-embriodering-shit-with-loni/

Speaking of Pintrest, don’t forget to Two Artsy Gals on all of the social media accounts! We are everywhere! Click the little buttons in the sidebar to be taken to our pages or just search for Two Artsy Gals on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to find us. If you want to contact The Gals with your awesome questions and comments you can email them at twoartsygals@gmail.com, message them on the show Facebook page, or call the voicemail line 503-395-7190. Subscribe to the podcast by clicking the RSS feed link on this page, or through iTunes and Stitcher (and numerous other apps) so you always have a fresh episode on your listening device… and while you are at it, make sure you leave us some great feedback!

Nest week The Gals will be back to talk about pocket shrines, which is going to be a blast so make sure you tune in for that and until then… make some cool shit, you!


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