Episode 64: OMG! Sparkly Watercolors!

There were a couple of news items at the beginning of the show. We have a survey up and would appreciate it if you all took a few minutes to fill it out (only 7 questions). This will help us prioritize improvements and plans for the show’s future so please tell us what you think! Also, just a reminder that we are still trying to reach 200 likes on Facebook so jump in and like us! There will be a drawing for an original art piece done by Katie and Loni once we reach our goal and all you have to do to qualify is go like the Two Arts Gals Facebook page.

Oh man these sparkly watercolors are cool and The Gals has a blast playing around with them. They talked about these paints as if they were reviewing the product so you will benefit from their opinions and experience working with them (they really are a lot of fun).

To see the cool things we found when researching the show make sure you check out the Pintrest board for this episode. To find the specific product The Gals use click here.

There are many different brands and types of pearlescent watercolors so don’t be afraid to experiment and play around.

Here are the color key that Katie made and the cool wet painting experiment that Loni did.









Oh! And here is the really cool and silly video of the shimmering paints that Loni made (we don’t know why they are talking about sweaty balls in the background… they continue to be a strange mystery). The video does give you a nice example of just how shimmery these paints are.

And this is the quick little painting Katie did with the pearlescent paints!


















Do you have experience working with products like this, feel like The Gals missed something, or just want to comment on this episode? Well you are in luck because there are tons of ways to reach Two Artsy Gals! You can email at twoartsygals@gmail.com; you can contact The Gals through our Facebook page and on any of our social media accounts (you can connect to all of them on the right up there), and you can even call and leave a message on our voicemail 503-395-7190. Make sure you are always getting fresh episodes to your listening devices as soon as they are available by subscribing to the show on iTunes or Stitcher and do us a solid by leaving good reviews for us there!

Next week The Gals will be interviewing Katie’s friend and tattoo artist Anne Morando. It will be a wild and crazy show for sure so make sure you don’t miss it and until then… make some cool shit, yo!


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