Episode 103: Mold Making Basics

There is a lot of jibber-jabber and sidebarring this week so get ready for some crazy talk (we know you love those antics)! In addition to traffic, bridges, LSD and a few other seemingly unrelated topics, The Gals cover some mold making and casting basics. Learn about materials and techniques you need to create molds of objects you would like to reproduce so you end up with the best casts possible.

This episode is dedicated to the memory of friend Kerin Gale. Thank you for the laughs, the art, and the wisdom. You will be missed.

As Katie mentions toward the end of the podcast, Kerin wrote a wonderful book called “Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams: Mixed Media Projects in Epoxy Clay”; we very much hoped to have Kerin come speak on the podcast about her book and the things we covered today. Click the image below to find her book on Amazon.








Check out the Pintrest board for this episode here.

Gah! We had a bunch of pictures but they somehow got removed from Katie’s phone so we have product links instead! And just a couple of pictures.

Environmental Technology, Inc makes all of the products we talked about today. Click each image to be taken directly to the page for that product. These products are easily found online and in retail stores.
















Aves is an amazing business with a huge selection of “fines clays and maches” to offer. I encourage you to look through their entire site but you can see the products we talked about today by clicking the images below.

















Below you can see how Katie made a mold of the “master” anatomical heart she sculpted from Apoxie Clay then casted many more to create different pieces of work based on that mold.


The “master” heart


The mold made from that heart


Using that mold Katie was able to create these hand bound faux leather journals


as well as this velvet lined faux leather keepsake box

























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Next week The Gals will be back to troubleshoot your mixed media art questions, so until then… make some cool shit, yo!



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