Episode 1: Getting to Know You

Woo-hoo!!! Sharon and Katie want to thank you for listening to the first episode of the Two Artsy Gals Podcast and sincerely hope you enjoyed it (and if you didn’t enjoy it, they hope with equal sincerity, that you just keep that information to yourselves). A lot was learned during the process of recording the first four episodes and although there are some audio issues with them, they are pretty minor and now we all know how to fix/keep them from happening in future episodes (so just stick with us while we work out the kinks, we promise it will be worth it). You will always find the audio for podcast episodes in the Two Artsy Gals Podcast category so head on over and have a listen!

In this episode you got to know a little about your hosts and what their vision for the podcast is. If you want to know more about Katie and Sharon you can read about them on the “Bios” page. To learn a little more about the podcast itself please feel free to check out the “About” page as well. This is a weekly podcast so every time a new episode is up, there will be a corresponding post to this blog. You will be able to find images, videos, and links about everything that is referenced on the podcast here in those posts.

Your comments (especially flattering ones), topic suggestions, and questions are not only welcome, but encouraged (give us some show ideas, yo!). In addition to leaving comments here, you can also send your comments and questions to Katie and/or Sharon by emailing twoartsygals@gmail.com . Follow Two Artsy Gals on Twitter @TwoArtsyGals and like them on Facebook by clicking the link on the right. ===>

Special thanks to Katie’s beautiful and talented niece, Madison Henebry, for composing the tune to our podcast theme song and performing it for us as well!

Now on to our Podcast Launch Celebration Contest details… Because the gals are so excited about launching the podcast they wanted to start off with a bang! Katie and Sharon have been struggling with a cool and smooth sounding signoff for the end of each show. So far they have said something different at the end of each of the four shows that have been recorded… this will just not do at all!

Help them come up with a good sign off to end each episode with. This should be one line and catchy (and also funny and clever if possible). Most importantly, it should be awesome. Please email your submissions to twoartsygals@gmail.com and title the email “Contest Submission”. Have your submissions in by Friday, April 18th, 2014. Whoever submits the best sign off will win a heart box and skull cameo necklace made by Katie!






The winner will be announced on our Facebook fan page on or before Monday, April 21st, 2014. We will also announce the winner on our fifth podcast episode when we start using the awesome new sign off that we will have. Good luck to you all and thanks for listening!


About 2artsygals

Podcast Producer. Artist. Writer. Cat lover. Unicorn worshiper. Narwhal enthusiast. Next level proficiency in swearing. Aging GenXer/Riot Grrrl with a True Crime fascination. I also like cheese.
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