Episode 2: What the Hell is Mixed Media Anyway?

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Yay! You listened to our second episode and you are still hanging with us! We like you too! In this episode you were introduced to two of Katie and Sharon’s favorite mixed media artist (who just so happen to be from the bonerifically awesome, Portland, Oregon). Sharon told you about artist Kelly Rae Roberts and spoke to how inspirational she finds her work, and why. You can learn more about Kelly and check out some of her work at her website http://kellyraeroberts.com/.

Katie swooned over artist Davey Cadaver’s work and revealed what a bully she is when it comes to interior decorating, when she insisted that she would hang a print of one of Davey Cadaver’s pieces in her bedroom even though it makes her husband uncomfortable. You can see this piece and more on Davey’s website http://www.daveycadaver.com/.


The Gals also shared examples of their own work in this episode too!
Sharon told us about these super cute pieces that she did using photos she took of her chickens along with acrylic paints, pens, and various papers. Here are the images of that series.















As an example of “extreme mixed media”, Katie shared a piece that she did for a mixed media arts class in college. This piece uses at least seven forms of media!









She also talked about a more current piece of work that is a better representation of the style she works in. This was done on canvas and used epoxy resin clay, acrylic paint, tissue paper, an egg (yes… an egg), and a LED light.










The gals wanted to remind you all about the podcast launch celebration contest they are having because the deadline for your entries is rapidly approaching. They need a good sign off to close each show with and if you come up with one, you could win some cool shit. The sign off must be short, preferably about art in some way, funny and/or witty, and absolutely awesome. Send your submissions to twoartsygals@gmail.com and make sure to indicate that it is your contest submission in the title of the email. The deadline for entries is Friday, April, 18th. We will announce the winner on our Facebook fan page on Monday, April 21st. The winner will be mentioned on our fifth episode, when we begin using the new signoff and they will receive one of Katie’s heart boxes along with a skull cameo. Hurry and get your entries in!
















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