Episode 4: Adhesives, a Love Story






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The gals are still feeling a bit giddy after that adhesives episode! And just so you know, Katie has not glued herself to anything since the recording took place. Below you will find images and links to all of the adhesive Sharon and Katie talked about in today’s episode grouped by who spoke about them in the show. Also, here is the link to the website This to That, which is an amazing site that will help you figure out what sort of adhesive will work the best for your needs http://www.thistothat.com/.


Katie’s Adhesives:











reggelmThe Golden website has a great video which explains the difference between all of their gel mediums. They also have shorter videos that speak about each product individually. http://www.goldenpaints.com/products/medsadds/gels/gels.php








Sharon’s Adhesives:








snail tape


















Before signing off today we wanted to take a moment and thank you, our listeners, for being so supportive in our first month. Because this podcast is free, we are using as many free services as is possible, and are using bare bones equipment… needless to say, we have been making some tweaks to what we are doing, and the way we are doing it as we go along, and we are pretty excited about our upcoming episodes. Katie got a pop filter; Sharon got a new microphone… Katie has learned to stop moving her microphone while recording (and to stop fidgeting with all the gismos and whatnots on her desk). This first month has been quite a learning experience. It has also been a blast!

We have some really fun episodes coming up this month and great ideas for more to come. We hope you all enjoy this as much as we do and that you will keep coming back for more. Remember, you can contact us by email with any show ideas or questions at twoartsygals@gmail.com. We might even read your mail on the air! We are on iTunes now, so you can subscribe to our podcast there. We will hopefully be available on Stitcher very soon so those of you who don’t use iTunes can subscribe to us through the Stitcher App. We will let you know when we are approved there. Like our fan page on Facebook and/or follow us on Twitter, @TwoArtsyGals, to keep up on announcements and host requests.

Thank you all again! And be sure to come back next week to hear the gals talk about the basic tools you should have and why.


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