Episode 5: Don’t Be Such a Tool, Yo!

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Today the gals talk about tools. We learn what sort of basic tools they keep around their studios, and also think you should keep in your studio (or just in your home… come on people, we are all grownups, and grownups should have a tool kit). Katie’s potty mouth seems to be a little sassier than normal in parts of this episode so if you get twitchy when she drops the F-Bomb then brace yourself (she had a couple of drinks over dinner with her husband before recording this episode).

Mrs. Swears-A-Lot herself starts off the show with a rundown of the basic tools that she has in her studio. She also gives a few examples of what not to do with such tools and explains why an artist might need something like a hammer or screw drivers. Katie mentioned Harbor Freight Tools a few times during this episode so we thought it pertinent to give you their web address http://www.harborfreight.com/#. This is a nation wide chain so you can most likely find one in your town or one close to you.

Here are the images of the tools Katie talked about today.

photo 1photo 2











Sharon got into tools you will need for jewelry making today (which sent Katie into a little tool shopping fit). She gives some really great description of these tools and what they are for, so if you have ever had any question about what tool would make your jewelry creating easier, you will want to hear this for sure. Sharon buys a lot of the tools she talked about today from Vintaj; you can find everything she talked about today and more on their website http://vintaj.com/.
These are the images of Sharon’s tools.












It wasn’t mentioned in this episode because we just found out a couple of days ago, but we want to let you all know that this podcast is now available on Stitcher. If you use the Stitcher website or app just search for Two Artsy Gals and subscribe to us over there. You can also find us on iTunes and subscribe to us that way. In fact, it would be really great if you could leave us some nice reviews in both places as it will bump us up in searches for our category!

If you have any comments, questions, or episode ideas please feel free to email the gals at twoartsygals@gmail.com. Thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy this week’s show!


P.S. Katie would like to apologize to IKEA for her little rant at the end of the show. She really truly loves IKEA. She just doesn’t handle crowds or strange balls of meat very well. Such things really make her a bit stabby.


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