Episode 13: Shit You Need to Know About Copyright

Hey there, listeners! It is as hot as stewed balls here in the Pacific Northwest this week! So hot that we almost forgot to post this week’s episode because our brains have turned to boiled pudding! We hope you all are keeping cool so that you don’t have boiled pudding brains too, because this is a great episode and we hope you learn a little from it.

The subject of copyright is a bit complicated but the gals have managed to scratch the surface with some “need to know” basics that will protect you as you venture into the world of selling your art. As promised, we have compiled several links for you so that you can do more research on your own.

This is a really good article about copyright myth. There is a lot of myth and misunderstanding about copyright floating around out there in the ether (especially on the interwebz) and this is a brief rundown of the most common myths that are the most likely to get you into trouble. http://publishlawyer.com/top-10-copyright-myths/

This article speaks specifically to copyright issues with the internet and address the very often misunderstood (because it is confusing as hell) subject of “acceptable use”. http://iteslj.org/Articles/Harris-Copyright.html

These last two links are from the US government copyright website. The first explains a little about international copyright law and the second has links to many helpful resources for researching the subject further.


As always, you can contact us with questions/comments/suggestions/show episode requests/love letters at our email address twoartsygals@gmail.com. You can also subscribe to the podcast through iTunes and Stitcher! Both apps are free and you will never have to wonder when a new podcast is up because new episode will automatically download to your app!

We hope this episode was helpful and entertaining! Next week Katie and Sharon get a little goofy while talking about altered books so make sure you come back for that fun packed episode.


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