Altered Book Awesomeness

In this episode The Gals tell you a little about altered books and how incredibly awesome they are. The volume levels on this one seem to be a little out of balance so sorry about that (also, Katie’s dog Mr. Doo-Dah-Day makes a brief and barky appearance in the show… that damned mailman had the nerve to show up during recording).

For those who don’t know, or want a little history on the subject, here is a link to the wiki page on Altered Books.

When talking about choosing a book, Katie mentioned a great article written by Lisa Vollrath about how to tell if a book binding is stitched or glued. Here is a link to that.

And just in case you feel like you want to know more than Sharon and Katie were able to pack into a half an hour podcast episode, here is a nice article that gives you a good, general rundown about altered books, what they are, and how to make them.

Oh! And here is the link to those amazing sculptured word altered books. You will love these.

There are so many different takes on altered books with so many different themes that we decided showing you example pictures from just one or two artists would not do this topic justice. We want to you to open up your search engine, or get on pinterest, and search for altered book examples on your own. And be prepared to have your mind blown!

As always, you can contact us with questions/comments/suggestions/show episode requests/love letters at our email address You can also subscribe to the podcast through iTunes and Stitcher! Both apps are free and you will never have to wonder when a new podcast is up because new episode will automatically download to your app.

Next week The Gals will be talking to you about some of their favorite sealants, so make sure you come back for that. Until then, try making your own altered book or some other cool shit!

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