Episode 21: Paper Is Super Rad

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The gals had a lot of fun discussion paper this week. Oh, paper may sound like it could be a boring topic, but is anything these two nuts talk about really ever boring? We learn about different kinds of paper that can be use in mixed media arts and crafts; places you can find interesting papers, and we skim the surface of some really cool paper arts.

There are quite a few links for this episode so we will just start off with the books that Katie mentioned. Keep in mind, you don’ have to go out and buy these books if you are interested in seeing what they are all about! As Sharon reminded us, you can also check these out at your local public library!

Origami Omnibus: Paper Folding for Everybody, By Kunihiko Kasahara

The Encyclopedia of Origami: The complete, fully illustrated guide to the folded paper arts, By Nick Robinson http://www.powells.com/biblio?isbn=0-7624-1895-8

Advanced Origami: An artist’s guide to performances in paper, By Michael G. LaFosse

Paper Cuts: 35 Inventive Projects, By Taylor Hagerty

Pop-Up Design and Paper Mechanics, By Duncan Birmimgham

Now on to the eye candy!!! These first two links are both collections of paper artist works that are pretty damned amazing. The art ranges from cut paper, to sculpting, to quilling but it is all equally mind blowing. Take some time and check these out, and go to the individual artist’s website is you can.



Katie briefly mentioned paper quilling artist Yulia Brodskaya before getting side track by the joint effort to remember what the hell paper quilling is called (because we knew it had a name other than “rolled paper art”). Here is a link directly to her website and her amazing work. http://www.artyulia.com/index.php/Art

Ack! And we almost forgot to give you some origami links! Here is a site with some great examples of both traditional and wet origami styles http://villageofjoy.com/20-amazing-origami-art-works/. And we would be remiss if we didn’t link something about “Between the Folds”, the totally not boring and completely awesome documentary about origami. You can see a preview on the PBS website here, and you may be able to catch it on your local public broadcasting station, or as Katie mentioned, you can stream it on Netflix. http://www.pbs.org/independentlens/between-the-folds/

Almost done with links! We found a little tutorial for making the rolled paper bead Sharon talked about http://www.ilovepaperbeads.com/blog/how-to-make-a-basic-rolled-paper-bead/, and as promised, here is a link to the Star Wars snowflake templates (you are welcome) http://mattersofgrey.com/diy-star-wars-snowflakes/.

The gals wrapped things up by talking briefly about their favorite mixed media artists who use paper in distinctive ways. Sharon talked about Kelly Rea Roberts, and you can find some examples of her work on her site http://kellyraeroberts.com/. Katie introduced us to one of her favorite artists, Jane Spakowsky, and you can ogle her work at her blog http://grittyarts.blogspot.com/.

WHEW! That was a lot of links, wasn’t it??? Well we do hope you have time to look at them all and that you enjoyed today’s episode. If you have any questions or comments about today’s episode, or if you just want to send us love letters telling us how beautiful and funny and talented we are, please do that by emailing us at twoartsygals@gmail.com. You can subscribe to our podcast through iTunes and Stitcher and use their free apps on your mobile device so that you never miss an episode Two Artsy Gals, and it would be super awesome if you left us some good feedback at both places.

Next week Two Arts Gals will be wrapping up the summer series on selling your art by talking about branding, so be sure to come on back for that one and until then, make some cool shit, yo!


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