Episode 24: Yay! Paper Mache

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After a silly, mixed-up introduction/greeting, Katie and Sharon get to the business of discussing paper mache in this week’s episode. In the first half of the show they talk about what paper mache is and their memories of working with it as children (and yes, as always, there is a cautionary tale sort of vibe going on for part of this conversation… along with the usual silliness).

Once we learn what paper mache is and how to not make moldy paper mache sculptures, Sharon and Katie get into how do it! Here is the link to Ultimate Paper Mache and the paste recipes we talked about during the show http://www.ultimatepapermache.com/paper-mache-recipes. You may want to spend a little time just checking this site out because she has some really great information on here.

After much discussion about the papers and fabrics once can use, not to mention the sort of armature or under-structure you will want to use, we decided to let you all do some experimenting and research on this subject for yourselves because there really are almost endless options and varying opinions/methods out there.

Here are some photos of that paper mache fish Katie made for an art swap a couple of years ago.





























That fish was inspired by Dan Reeder’s work and you can see it on his Gourmet Paper Mache site… this is the artist that Katie talked about today and you should prepare to be blown away. http://www.gourmetpapermache.com/GourmetPaperMache.php

Sharon talked about her friend Bruce, from Mudeye Puppet Company. Unfortunately he doesn’t seem to have a functioning website up right now but you can visit his Facebook Page and look through the photos there to see his wonderful paper mache work on his puppets and masks https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mudeye-Puppet-Company/190404045350?sk=info.

Thank you for listening this week! If you have any questions or comments about this episode, or any others, or you just want to tell us we are rad, please email us at twoartsygals@gmail.com. We love hearing from you! Next week they gals are going to talk about Artist Trading Cards and will have some pretty neato examples to share with you here on the blog! So until then… Make some cool shit, yo!


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