Making Old Furniture New

Yay! Our friend Loni Lane is here this week sitting in for Sharon as she wanted to talk about art furniture. This quickly turned into a long conversation about refurbishing furniture. Loni rocks at this and she and Katie talk about different ways that we can update or refresh our much loved but outdated old furniture or make newly purchased used furniture our own. They have a pretty good time while talking about it too.

Loni told us about using Rit Dye to stain a vanity for her daughter and after looking at the before and after pictures we are all chomping at the bit to try this!

vanity collage

We actually found instructions on how to do this on the Rit Dye website (we also found a terrible video on YouTube so if you need a visual you may want to poke around there).

Since we are addicted to Mod Podge around here and we wanted to give you some product links we had a look around on the Mod Podge site and discovered that there is a specific formula made for furniture! You can check that out here, it is also worth noting that they make a dishwasher safe formula as well. WHY DIDN’T WEK NOW THIS?!?!?!

Oh! We got so wrapped up in the different types of Mod Podge available that we almost forgot to share the pictures Loni sent us of the desk she decoupaged! Nice job Loni!



Here are a couple of tutorial links that you may find helpful and inspiring.

We are so totally inspired to redo our furniture now! Like all of it! Well… almost all of it. But definitely a lot of it! We don’t even know where to start! If any of you have ideas or pictures you would like to share with us please email them to You can subscribe to this blog through our RSS feed by clicking the link on the left or by email (also on the left). You can subscribe to the podcast for free through iTunes and Stitcher so you will never miss an episode. Next week Sharon will be back! YAY! We have missed her. She and Katie will be talking about paper quilling and it will be rad so until then… make some cool shit, yo!

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