Episode 47: Incredible Artable Eggs

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Yep… it is that time of the year again! Time to hard boil some eggs and then dye them pretty colors…FUN! But did you know that there are other, pretty legit forms of egg art? That is what The Gals are talking about today on the podcast. We recommend that you have a look at the International Egg Art Guild’s web site to learn a bit about the rich history of egg art and the different forms of folk art that surround this delicious medium.

Sharon and Katie start today’s episode off talking about the gorgeous art form of Pysanky. This traditionally Ukrainian egg dying process is something akin to batik dying fabric and creates truly awe inspiring pieces of art. As Katie mentioned, the video we chose for this topic is rather lengthy and you may want to move forward a few times, but it is very informative and the woman doing the video is just sweet as can be. Stick with it, you will learn a lot! You may even want to give it a try after seeing the process. We also encourage you to look up some images on your own as well because some of these eggs are so beautiful you can scarcely imagine cracking them open!


Oh man, you are in for a treat here! Sharon found some egg carving examples and videos that are going to blow your mind! Because we couldn’t choose just one example check out this image search link and prepare to be blown away! http://www.dogpile.com/search/images?q=egg%20carving&fcoid=408&fcop=left&fpid=2

I know, right?!??!?! Well here is a video tutorial that is just a little more our speed. This is the Victorian Lace egg carving that we told you about. It seems just a little bit more doable.

The Gals finished off the show talking about natural dyes for you eggs and some cool ideas for making your egg dying adventures more fun and original. Here is the natural dye list that Katie talked about during the episode.



And Katie did film a video of her carving the lone duck egg in her frig! She broke it in the end but it was kind of cool at first. Sad fact… her computer won’t process the video without crashing right now so there is no way to get it off her camera and onto YouTube. We are working on resolving this technology issue as soon as possible and promise tons of videos once we do!

If you have any awesome images of your egg art to share, or any stories/ideas about egg art please email us at twoartsygals@gmail.com. And we keep forgetting to mention out Facebook page! You can also contact us there… just search for Two Artsy Gals. And remember, you can subscribe to the show in iTunes or Stitcher, both are free apps, and both will automatically upload new shoes to your listening device. It would be really awesome if you gave us some cool feedback on those apps too!

Next week The Gals will be back to talk about stencils, so make sure to come back and gets some great tips and ideas. Until next week… make some cool shit, yo!


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