Episode 53: Shrinky Dink is Magic Stuff!

The Gals recorded this episode early on a Saturday morning so it gets a bit crazy right out of the gate. Once they get through Katie’s rant about birds chirping before the sun is up (ON A WEEKEND!!!) and some talk about booger and boobs, they really do get on to the subject of Shrinky Dinks. Which are awesome.

There is a lot of reminiscing this week because as they pointed out, Shrinky Dinks have pretty much been around Katie and Sharon’s entire lives. After talking about their first experiences with Shrinky Dinks Katie gives us a brief rundown of Shrinky Dink history; if you would like to read more on the history click here to be taken to the Shrinky Dinks history page. You can also attempt to navigate your way around the Shrinky Dink site by going to http://www.shrinkydinks.com/ , but be forewarned, it is a hot mess.

As promised, here are some example pictures of projects that Katie and Sharon have used Shrinky Dink in.

These are Sharon’s super cute little shadow boxes that she described in the show. The little fairy lady and the hot air balloon are both made from Shrinky Dink.










And here is the pocket shrine that Katie made (years ago!); as she told us, the heart was made from Shrinky Dink plastic.













There wasn’t enough time for Katie to actually get her charm put together before this episode went up but she did cook it and she did film a crappy little video with her phone. She was actually reminded of something that The Gals neglected to mention during the podcast when watching this charm cook. If you are going to print art onto Shinky Dink plastic with your ink jet, or even if you are going to be drawing/coloring in pieces with a lot of darker colors or shading that you want to keep prominent, you may want to lighten the color. As you will notice in the before and after images of this charm, the larger pre cooked version is far lighter in color than the post cooking/shrunken one. You will probably need to do a test or two to get the coloring right because this isn’t an exact science but do know that color does darken and intensify with the shrinking process and that may give undesirable results.















Lastly, The Gals talked about using #6 plastic to DIY Shrinky Dinks and we have a link to a good tutorial about that for you here.

Hey! Have you done some cool shit with Shrinky Dinks? Well tell The Gals about it! They will talk about all the cool shit you have done on the show! You can email them at twoartsygals@gmail.com. They totally want to hear from you!

You can see some really cool examples that The Gals have collected on the Pintrest board for this episode. To follow Two Artsy Gals on Pintrest all you have to do is look over on the right for the hand-dandy little button. In fact, we are on all the social media and we have fancy little buttons for each right next to the Pintrest button. Don’t give The Gals a complex, Follow them!

Next week Katie and Sharon will be back to talk toll painting… which should prove to be interesting because no one around here knows what in the hell that is! Until next week, make some cool shit, yo!


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