Episode 52: Paper Dolls Are Fun

Listeners, this is the final week of our Kickstarter and things are looking a little grim… The Gals open the show with a little reminder about all of the awesome donor gifts we are offering in return for your donation. If you enjoy the show please consider donating. If you can’t donate then spread the word about the show and our Kickstarter! http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-alcohol-ink.htm

This week The Gals talked about paper dolls… well they tried to at least. There are a lot of crazy side bars in this episode, which always prove to be entertaining. Katie’s cat makes an appearance, as does Sharon’s youngest son. There is a lot of nostalgic jibber jabber, a couple of rants, and well… you will just have to listen and see if you can keep up with these to today!

While researching for this episode we found a fascinating article in Collectors Weekly about the history of paper dolls; you should check it out! It is a great read.http://www.collectorsweekly.com/articles/the-scrappy-history-of-paper-dolls/

Katie mentioned the free template available for download on the Enchanted Gallery and if you would like to get busy making some bad-ass paper dolls of your own be sure to check that out. http://www.theenchantedgallery.com/paperdolls.html

Make sure you also go check out the amazing paper dolls available on the Ten Two Studios site as well; you won’t be disappointed! http://tentwostudios.com/#!/Paper-Dolls/c/5621189/inview=product15583186&offset=12&sort=normal

We have been having some technical difficulty with video editing and uploading so there are none to see this week but because the show notes are a slim on things to look at this week, here is a picture of the self portrait doll that Katie talked about during the show. Not exactly a paper doll, but it is a flat doll and shows how you can use cloth to create clothing options for your paper doll creations.









Remember, you can follow us on all the social medias! From here you only need to click the links for each on the side bar and you will be able to find us. Check out our Pintrest for some of the images that The Gals found to be interesting and exciting when researching this episode (yes, the Wonder Woman paper dolls got added). If you have any questions or comments about the show or this episode, you can contact The Gals through any of the show’s social media accounts OR you can email them at twoartsygals@gmail.com. And don’t forget you can subscribe to the podcast via your iTunes or Stitcher apps.


Next week the gals will be back to let you know how the Kickstarter is moving along and they will be talking about Shrinky Dinks! Yes! Shrinky Dinks! We are excited about this one and we hope you are too. Until next… go make some cool shit, yo!



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