Episode 55: Tyvek The Wonder Fiber

If you have never heard of Tyvek and its multitude of artsy uses then you are in for a real treat! In this episode of Two Artsy Gals, Sharon and Katie tell us all about it; and if you want to learn a little about this fiber and see the video on how it is made check out the products page on the DuPont site. Also, to see examples and inspiration that Katie collected in her research for this topic make sure you have a look at our Pintrest board for Tyvek Mailers.

Super Listener Lois suggested this topic a while back and The Gals start the fun by sharing her tutorial on creating a really cool looking texture with Tyvek. Here I she example image she sent us to go along with that.


OMG the beads! I think Sharon was the most excited about the beads that people have been making form Tyvek and we have a great tutorial from the blog of Carolyn Saxby that will teach you how to make them yourself in a bit more detail than The Gals could during the show. Have a look at that by clicking here.

You will see numerous sewing examples on your Pintrest but before you get out your machine check out this PDF that tells you how to sew and wash the fiber to get the best results. We found a really fun bag pattern for free on the Threads Magazine site that we think you should check out for sure! And we also found instructions on how to make a reusable lunch bag without sewing so those of you who are uncomfortable with a sewing machine won’t feel left out, you can see that here.

And here is the origami Tyvek wallet video! It is a little long but very thorough and easy to follow. Relax! Origami is not as difficult as you think it is! Just pause the video until you catch up!

Remember, Sharon only has two episodes left so if you want to leave her a goodbye message or just ask us a question/leave a comment about the show you can now do that through our voicemail line! That number is 503-395-7190. Remember, if you leave us a message we may use it on the show so if you do not want your voice to be played on air then please let us know that in your message.

If you don’t want to use our voicemail you can still reach us by emailing twoartsygals@gmail.com and on our FB page. Speaking of FB, you should like us there! And follow us on all of our social media accounts. You can do that by clicking on the buttons in the sidebar or just by searching for Two Artsy Gals. Subscribe to the podcast through iTunes or Stitcher so you always get the latest show updates and leave us some cool feedback and awesome ratings.

Next week The Gals will be back to revisit nature crafts so make sure you tune in for that and until next week… make some cool shit, yo!


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