Episode 56: Revisiting Nature Crafts

Listeners! This is Sharon’s second to the last podcast and she and Katie will be recording her final episode this Friday evening (she will be back from time to time but this is her last as Katie’s co-host)! If you would like to leave Sharon a goodbye message make sure to call the Two Artsy Gals voice mail line at 503-395-7190. They will play it on her final episode next week.

This week The Gals are revisiting nature crafts because it is Sharon’s favorite topic. If you want to see all the cool examples and inspiration they found while researching make sure to check out the Pintrest Board for this episode.

You know how much The Gals love making stamps to use in their mixed media work, and this goes for craving stamps from fruits and vegetables too. They open the show with this topic and have a lot of fun discussing things they have used from stamps and things that they could be using but just haven’t thought of yet. They also talk about tools you can use to create these stamps and about how cool some vegetables look when used as stamps in their natural state.

Sharon LOVES terrariums! Katie does too but hasn’t had very good luck with keeping them alive and thriving. When Katie things terrariums this amazing 42-year-old terrarium is what pops into her mind and she is so very sad that she hasn’t created anything so amazing (or even close).

There were a lot of links promised in this episode so here is to hoping that none were forgotten!

http://www.bhg.com/gardening/houseplants/care/make-a-terrarium/#page=1 http://www.stormthecastle.com/terrarium/

It is late and this episode is going up a bit early because Katie has oral surgery tomorrow morning and will be all hopped up on Valium and pain meds (no one wants her trying to upload audio files in this condition) so we are making it short this week. Remember to leave a voice mail for Sharon at 503-395-7190 so we can play it during her last show next week.

You can also email The Gals at twoartsygals@gmail.com, so do that! You can follow us on all of the social medias by clicking those handy little buttons on the top right over there or just search for Two Artsy Gals. Subscribe to the podcast and leave some awesome reviews on iTunes or Stitcher (or where ever you listen to us). Next week Katie and Sharon will be chillin’, drinkin’, and talking about following your dreams, so until next week… Make some cool shit, yo!


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