Episode 60: We Wish We Didn’t Suck At Calligraphy

OK, so The Gals don’t necessarily SUCK at calligraphy, they just wish they were epic level calligraphers. There has been a lot going on around the studio this week so let’s start with that fist. Let’s see… As you have probably noticed by now, the new logo and rebranding process is complete! It took poor Katie the better part of a week to track down all of our social media accounts, blog hosting, and merchandise and get it updated, but it is done!

Our first Two Artsy Gals news letter went out (late but it was waiting for the new logo). If you want to subscribe to that you can do so by clicking the button for it in our side bar or by clicking the “sign up” button on our FB page. The news letter goes out at the beginning of each month and it will contain show news and announcements; the complete schedule for the coming month, a brief heads up about what The Gals have planned for the following month, a favorite moments section, and an inspired listeners section that will feature listener art inspired by the show! You won’t want to miss out on this because the news letter is where you will hear about upcoming events and announcements first.

The first week of our giveaway went pretty well! The Two Artsy Gals Facebook page gained 47 likes, bumping us up to 122. Remember, our goal is 200 and we must reach that before we draw a winner for our giveaway. Like us! Tell your friends and family about Two Artsy Gals so they will like us too! Do it!

OK, on to the show notes for today’s episode. First and foremost, there is some feedback. There was last week too… and there will be next week. We finally figured out that Katie was setting her iPad next to mic and it was making the crazy feedback. Sorry. The good thing is that our mixer finally arrived today and beginning July 8th, you will be experiencing much better and consistent sound quality. Oh! And The Gals are sorry about the nut chewing in this episode… they were starving!

The conversation about calligraphy begins with some talk about different styles of calligraphy. Here is the link to the calligraphy style samples we found on the dummies.com site.

You know Katie loves any excuse to accumulate more tools and art supplies and it seems calligraphy supplies are a special trigger for her hoarding tendencies. The Gals excitedly ran down the list of pens, nibs, and inks that you will need to do calligraphy and Katie shared her very favorite place to purchase her calligraphy supplies, so go check out Paper and Ink Arts!

Oh! We almost forgot to post pictures of the infamous glass dip pen and Katie’s calligraphy kit.


















I feel the like The Gals got a little gaga over the examples they found for this episode’s Pintrest board… doing an audio show about visual art is sometimes a challenge. Here is a link to the board so you can be equally awed. https://www.pinterest.com/twoartsygals/episode-60-calligraphy-is-pretty/

And if you guy want to see beautiful typography all the time, follow Danger Dust on Instragram!

Remember to go “like the Two Artsy Gals FB page to enter our drawing! Also, go follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Pintrest! We try to keep silly funny stuff and pictures of what The Gals are up to on our social media feeds for you and we are getting better at the Tweeting. You can reach us through all of our social media account, or you can just email us with comment and questions at twoartsygals@gmail.com. You can also call The Gals at 503-395-7190; they might even use your call on the show.

Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or Stitcher so you get new episodes as soon as they become available. Loni and Katie are pretty excited about next week’s episode on tape so we will talk to you then and while you wait… make some cool shit, yo!



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