Episode 66: Foil Engraving and a Pep Talk

After days and weeks of complaining about the heat and it being way too hot in Portland, The Gals suffered an event straight out of an Alanis Morissette song in the form of clouds on the day they planned to play with sun prints and record about them. Since they weren’t expecting to record about foil engraving on the late July day they recorded this, they had no research done and just had to wing it. Which means things get really off track a few times but fun was had by all.

There were examples of some cool techniques discussed in this episode but because the month of August is always a shit-show around here, The Gals just didn’t have time to get to them, but we promise to explore the ideas further and fit them into a future episode.

Pictures! Katie scrambled to get some photos for you tonight at the last minute.

This is the scratch art paper/foil engraving paper and tools The Gals used when messing around with this cool medium.
















They really didn’t have a lot of time to dedicate to serious scratch art/etching but they had a lot of fun figuring out how this stuff works for you and here are the examples they referenced in the show.

Loni’s Mermaid









Katie’s weird skull jellyfish









To listen to this episode click here.

Check out the Pintrest page for this episode here.

Have some ideas, comments, or suggestions on the show? Want to share some of your scratch art with us? You can email The Gals at twoartsygals@gmail.com. You can call them and leave a message on the show’s voicemail line at 503-395-7190. You can also follow the show on FB and all of the social medias! Check out the handy little buttons to connect you to us over on the upper left.

Next week the Gals are going to be back to really talk about sun prints and they are so excited about it, so until next week… make some cool shit, yo!

P.S. Here is some Alanis Morissette for you… it is now stuck in our heads so we might as well pass it along.



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