Episode 67: Sun Prints and Flippin’ The Bird

This episode gets off to a weird start because someone *cough, cough, Katie, cough, cough* “lost” the first few minutes of the show. Thankfully the weird overcast morning turned into another scorcher here in Portland and The Gals were able to do some Sun Prints and record this episode for you. They had a blast as usual. We think you will too.

You can find out more about Sun Print papers and where you can buy them by visiting the Sunprint website.

And since recording this episode we found out about an amazing product that allows you to do Sun Printing on fabric. Inkodye by Lumi can be found on the Inkodye website. We are planning on playing with this stuff and doing an episode in the future because it is AWESOME. (This actually comes up in our next episode but since it applies here too we wanted to share it)

View the Pintrest board for this episode here.

Loni and Katie gather some neato things to make sun prints of on Tuesday morning and got to it. They really had a great time experimenting with this! Sun Prints are super cool!

Here are some of the things they set out to make prints of.















This is what the paper looks like after it has process in the sun (for about five or ten minutes) and then after the prints are rinsed in water.





















The papers get a little wrinkly as they dry but Katie was able to iron these out just fine; it didn’t change the prints in any way so know that you can do that. Here are there awesome prints, some of which turned out much cooler than others.






















Have you ever played with Sun Prints? Have any questions or comments about this episode? You should totally contact The Gals! You can email at twoartsygals@gmail.com, or you can call our voicemail line and leave a message for The Gals at 503-395-7190. You should also be following the show on all our social media accounts. You can click on the little buttons up there on the left and they will take you to all our accounts. Like us on Facebook! When we reach 200 likes we are doing a giveaway that will be super rad.

Next week The Gals will be back to talk about designing your own fabric. It is going to be really cool and you should tune in for that so until next week… make some cool shit, yo!













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