Episode 69: Illuminating Some Cool Shit

What a crazy moth it has been! This is the last episode for the month of August and The Gals have a lot of things to say about forest fires and the heat. Thankfully they pull I together enough to talk about making some bad ass lamps! Katie tells us all about the cool alien abduction lamp she made her brother Abe for his birthday last year and then tells us all about the cool lamp she made her son for his upcoming 20th birthday. They also discuss many lamp ideas and encourage us all to make our lives more magical through some creative interior illumination (What? No one got that National Lampoons Christmas Vacation reference??? No one?)

Check out the super awesome Pintrest board that we made for this episode here.

Before we get started with pictures of the lamps we talked about here are some link to the light kits and bulbs we discussed.

Light kits for regular size bulbs.

Light kits for night light sized bulbs.

LED light bulbs.

LED night light bulbs.

OK, now for the fun stuff! First the alien abduction lamp… This is the lamp that inspired Katie to make her own version for her brother. And here are the Instructable instructions on how to make your own (Katie made a few changes when she did hers so I would view these as a guideline and not ironclad).









Coolest lamp ever, right?!?!?!

This is the lamp that Katie made for her son’s birthday gift this year; she started by doing a watercolor painting and adhering it to the lampshade (she accidentally ripped one side of the shade when trying to get it on straight… spray adhesive is strong stuff!).









Then she carefully filled the lamp with all of the memorabilia she collected. Here you can see all of the goodies… there is a lot of cool stuff in there so look closely.























And here is the lamp with the shade on it, both on and off.
















You can buy your own fillable lamp here.

We hope you have been inspired by this episode! We think lighting brings a lot of magic to our world and we hope you agree. If you have some cool lamps that you have made please share with us! You can send images and tell us about your lamps or lighting at twoartsygals@gmail.com or call us at 503-395-7190. You can also contact and follow us on all of our social media accounts and make sure you like us on the Facebook so you can keep up with the crazy around here, and qualify for our upcoming drawing! Subscribe to Two Artsy Gals on iTunes and Stitcher and leave us some positive feedback so everyone else will know how much you love us.

Remember, no new episode next week! Next weekend is a holiday weekend and we have all got end of summer stuff going on. Enjoy your Labor Day and don’t set anything on fire! When we come back on September 8th we will have Ealasaid Hass, The Book Roadie, as our very awesome and fun guest. Make sure you don’t miss it because it is going to be a really good episode… so until next time… make some cool shit, yo!


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