Episode 70: Geeking Out About Books with The Book Roadie: Ealasaid Hass








This episode is a loaded with links as it is awesome, so get your clickers ready! Katie’s pal Ealasaid Hass, a.k.a. The Book Roadie, came to the studio back in August to have a chat with The Gals. We learned a ton of amazing stuff from her! She was just as excited about her interview as we were and a good time was had by all.Ealasaid made a photo tour of her studio for us! To see that album click here.

This episode is late, late, late… so let’s get on with the good stuff.

Ealasaid opened the show with some discussion about glues, pastes and adhesive… she explained the difference between them and told us about the things she uses and why. Here are the fun pictures of her glue demonstrion.





























Speaking of the gules and supplies she uses for book binding and repairs; here are links to the supplier that Ealasaid mentioned in during her glue demonstration and throughout the show.


We cannot stress how much Katie wishes she had known about Hollanders back when she started hand binding journals.

Just when The Gals started believe that Ealasaid might be a secret evil genius after throwing down all her glue knowledge, she pretty much elevated herself to super hero status by showing us some examples of the book repair she has done. We took some pictures of the books she brought to show us for you but you can also see before and after examples of these amazing repairs here.






















We know… Ealasaid is basically made of win and dipped in awesome sauce. Want to be even more impressed? Check out the cool book she made to illustrate the process of German Case Binding.



































Annnnnd here is the epic cherry on top of the win cake… some examples of the gorgeous hand bound journals that Ealasaid makes.
















To prove just how durable and amazing these journals are, here is a pic of the butt-pocket-sweat journal that Ealasaid brought as an example of how her journals wear.
















And just so you have a visual to go along with the discussion about finding the direction of the grain in papers, here are pics of Ealasaid showing The Gals how to do it with a piece of printer paper.
















Ealasaid was good enough to share all of her flicker albums about books and book binding with us and you can find those here.

We know you all want to know how you can contact and keep track of The Book Roadie: Ealasaid Hass, so here are all of the ways you can do so!

Her website is http://www.thebookroadie.com/, be sure to read her manifesto while you are there.
Follow her on Instagram here.
Follow her on Facebook here.
Follow her on Twitter here.

Do you have comments or questions about this episode? Email The Gals at twoartsygals@gmail.com. You can also call the Two Artsy Gals voicemail line at 503-395-7190. Follow all of our social medias, yo! You can find handy little buttons over there on the left. Our awesome give away prize will be ready for your eyes to see and for us to give away next week. If you want a chance to win it, follow us on FB! We will be doing the drawing when we reach 200 likes!

Next week The Gals will be back to talk about the art of letter writing! So find a pen pal quick! Until next week… make some cool shit, yo!


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