Episode 74: Light Up Your Friggin’ Halloween!

What can we say about this episode that will prepare you??? We just don’t know! Shit gets crazy out of control! The Gals start off innocently enough. You will get some great ideas for bringing lighting into your Halloween décor and you will just love them, but things fall apart when one of them brings up spiders. This quickly digresses into what bugs would be super creepy lit up as decoration and this just ends in hysteria. Honestly… you will not believe this.

View the Pintrest board for this episode here.

Loni is winning at Halloween lighting and therefore, life! She seriously did an amazing job at her lighting projects. We are envious. Katie is embarrassed by hers now (we will get to those in a minute).

Here is the awesome flaming light basket that Loni talked about… this is amazeballs!






















And here is her cool crystal ball!
















And the adorable kitty lights!














Katie is honestly embarrassed to show hers now but here goes:

This is the luminary that Katie made. We think that regular tea lights would probably work better in this as it would be brighter.





























And just because she was feeling lame, she also tried to carve tiny little pumpkins. It is a totally pain in the ass and we don’t recommend it.




































Did you make any cool lit Halloween décor? Show us! Send pics and comments to twoartsygals@gmail.com. Or call us and tell us what you think of the show at 503-395-7109. Follow us on all the social medias and subscribe to the show on iTunes and Stitcher! Do it! You won’t regret it! Next week The Gals will be back to talk artistic and awesome Halloween treats and you will love it!

So… if you have listened to the show you now know the horror of the house centipede. Well, at least you know how The Gals feel about them. In the name of Halloween and all things scary, we are just going to leave this right here.



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