Episode 75: Make Some Creepy, Cool, and Delicious Treats!

Wow! In just under two days of extra posting and sharing we were able to reach our goal of 200 likes on Facebook this week! Thank you all who liked our page and who shared our page! You all rock! We first want to welcome all of our new listeners and sincerely hope you enjoy the show. Remember, this month is a bit atypical for Two Artsy Gals because we are obsessing about Halloween right now. You can find links to our entire catalogue of back episode in the blog posts for each OR on iTunes and Stitcher (which is probably easier).









The Gals were practically pissing their pants today because reaching 200 likes means they got to draw a name for their giveaway! Believe it or not, Loni was successful in coaxing Miss Calamity Jane Kitteh Cat to select our winner (well, as successful as you can be when trying to force a cat to do your bidding). The above picture is of Jane looking unimpressed with the whole ordeal. We are sure you are all just dying to know who won so here is the video of the big reveal (and yes, Katie is wearing a red, Sparkly tutu).


Congratulations to Kate Mall! We hope you enjoy “Sasquatch and Squirrel Go Yogi Bearing” as much as we did while having it hang around the studio. Send us a picture of it on your wall with your smiling face so we can share it.

This week The Gals made some awesomely creepy and delicious treats for the Halloween season and shared them with their friends (and each other).

To go check out the Pintrest board for this episode with all of the yummy stuff we found while researching click here.

Loni started things off by telling us about her tasty witch finger cookies. She found the recipe on Pintrest so you can find it on the board.
















Katie got brave and decided to try out making “poison apples” and was pleasantly surprised by how they turned out! She opted to use her caramel apple recipe and just add black food coloring to it rather than the ones we found on Pintrest. Here is the recipe with an adjustment for the food coloring.

8-10 granny smith apples

Large bamboo skewers

1 cup heavy cream (divided by ¾ and ¼ cups minus ¼ to ½ tsp depending on how much color you use)

¾ cups light corn syrup

1 stick butter (1/2 cup… must be butter… not crappy margarine).

1 cup sugar

1 tsp vanilla

¼ to ½ teaspoon of black food coloring

Wash apples and remove stems. Dry apples completely and poke skewers into center top of apples where stems were. Have ready and waiting.

Put ¾ cups cream, corn syrup, butter, and sugar in sauce pan fitted with candy thermometer. Heat to 246 degrees (firm ball stage). The syrup will be golden brown at this temp. You can stir with a whisk during the heating process a couple of times to ensure no sticking but don’t fuss with it too much as it slows the heating process.

Remove from heat right away and stir so caramel doesn’t burn. Add food coloring, Vanilla, and the rest of the cream minus the amount of color you added. Be careful!!! It sill splatter a bit when you add these ingredients! Stir until everything is well incorporated.

Dip apples into caramel and coat well (leave a little green showing at top). Let excess drip back into pan and then set apples on parchment paper to set up and cool. Must be allowed to set up for at least two hours but can be made a day ahead.






















Here are Loni and Katie’s goodies out on the table at Ealasaid’s party. Doesn’t that look cool??? Katie forgot to take close up and process pictures of her cute, purple popcorn balls with the candy corns so these are the only one we got. Here is the recipe she used for those.
















Just so they weren’t all jacked up on sugar and sugar alone, The Gals made some non-candy snacks as well. Here are Loni’s mummy pizzas and Katie’s mummy wiener wraps.






















Oh! And as promised, here are pictures of Loni’s monster meatloaf. You can find the recipe she used for the meatloaf here.









If you have pictures of spooky goodies you have made for your Halloween festivities please share them with us! You can send pictures and comments to twoartsygals@gmail.com. You can also leave us a voice mail at our official Two Artsy Gals voicemail line at 503-395-7190. Follow us on all the social medias! We are on all the ones that matter. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and Stitcher and leave us some extra nice feedback while you are there!

Next week The Gals are going to be back to talk about haunted houses and cool ways you can create one in the smallest of spaces with the smallest of budgets, so until next week… go make some cool shit, yo!


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4 Responses to Episode 75: Make Some Creepy, Cool, and Delicious Treats!

  1. thebookroadie says:

    That caramel apple was badass. I did indeed cut it up, and omg so good. I may have to get a candy thermometer and try making them myself. I like Lonnie’s idea of dipping chunks, so I’ll probably do that. 🙂

    So glad y’all had fun! It was a great time. So far I have not come down sick, so yay.


  2. thebookroadie says:

    And those pizzas were rad! (I should wait til I listen to the whole episode before I commentcomment, yeesh) Nate and I dug them.


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