Episode 80: A Tisket, A Tasket, Make Your Own F@*king Basket

Listeners, we have no idea what on earth got into The Gals while recording this episode but things get a bit crazy while discussing basket weaving (honestly, who knew the topic could be so entertaining). Along with some debate about the origins and use of the cornucopia, or horn of plenty if you will, Katie and Loni do actually manage to give very useful information about materials and techniques one can use to weave their very own baskets.

Check out all of the cool shit on the Pintrest board for this episode here.

We have no examples for you this week but as promised, Katie found a couple of tutorials about weaving gum and candy wrappers into handbags (which are just extra cool baskets). Perhaps you have a wrestles tween with an abundance of candy wrappers who will be skulking around your house during the holiday week away from school… they might be interested in this project. Also, it is just a cool thing to do. You can use magazines or newspaper. You can even use wrapping paper!




Send us pictures of the baskets you weave! Or tell us stories of your basket weaving triumphs and fails. Or you can ask us questions and junk. Email The Gals at twoartsygals@gmail.com. You can call and leave a message too! Do that at 503-395-7190! Follow us on all the social medias and subscribe to the podcast on Stitcher and iTunes. Next week Sharon is going to be visiting the show for our holiday week drinkisode. The Gals are making holiday cards and drinking so get your card making supplies and join in with us! And until next week… make some cool shit, yo!


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