Episode 79: Good Ol’ Crayons

Holy shit balls, peeps! It has been a super busy week around here with actual real life day job stuff and Katie almost forgot to post this episode (which is why we are still up at 12:23 am typing this blog post)! Crayons is what The Gals talk about this week, and not just using them in your fancy new adult (or not adult) coloring books (we favor some SpongeBob Squarepants around here).

To check out the super awesome Pintrest board for this episode click here.

So The Gals did a couple of example projects and neither of them saw the results they wanted but in the interest of sharing our fails as well as our successes, we are going to share the pictures for you.

Loni tried this really cool technique we found using stencils and melted crayon on canvas. This is what she had to say about her experiments…

“Well, things didn’t go like I wanted them too. I should have done the masking tape thing to get my stencil to work. I tried contact paper and the melted crayon went under it so I ended up painting the unicorn on. I tried the glue gun thing and it sucked! Crayons are not flexible like glue sticks so they were a pain in the ass to get in there and they kept breaking. Fuck! So then I tried shaving them and using a hair dryer under the canvas but that was taking forever to get it hot enough….soooo, I ended up shaving the crayons and using wax paper and an iron. That was by far my favorite method though I goofed a few times by getting it too hot and creating a brown smear…lol! Ok, enough of my rambling, here come the pics. I am not super stoked on the finished product but I am giving myself a first timer break.”

Yes! A first timer break is in order! Remember to be nice to yourselves, listeners! That is what trying new things and experimenting is all about. Here are pictures of Loni’s experiments.



































Katie didn’t have any more luck than Loni did with her “stained glass” (and she just didn’t have time to do the other example this week because sometimes day jobs are a bit demanding). She took step-by-step pictures and things went pretty well until the ironing happened. After looking at the mess she ended up with Katie decided that she used way too many crayon shavings. So when you all try this remember less is more!
























































Have any of you tried using crayons in your art? Tell us about your successes, please! You can share pictures of your work or send questions and comments to twoartsygals@gmail.com. You can also leave The Gals a voice mail at 503-395-7190 and they will play your message on the show! Follow Two Artsy Gals on all the social medias! You can link to them in the sidebar on this page. Remember to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and Stitcher (and other podcast apps); do that! And leave us some nice feedback if while you are at it.

Next week The Gals are going to be talking about basket weaving and the mystery of the cornucopia, so until then… make some cool shit, yo!


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