Episode 92: Interview with Rachel Graves of Wanton Fibers

Katie and Loni took their first ever Two Artsy Gals road trip to farm country this week (Hubbard, Oregon) to do our first ever interview on location with our new Tascam digital recorder. The sound is not perfect and we have a little feedback from Katie setting her phone down too close to the recorder but we think it turned out great when considering the learning curve involved with new equipment. More importantly, it was a blast!











The Gals interviewed fiber artist Rachel Grave of Wanton Fibers and the conversation was so good it could have literally lasted all damned day! Learn about Rachel’s process, the journey that brought her to professional yarn dying, and all of the wonderful things Rachel does. Rachel and The Gals get into a serious discussion about the challenges of selling in an online market place and why both Katie and Rachel chose to leave Etsy. You will learn a lot in this hour and of course, there will be plenty of laughs.

We have some beautiful pictures of Rachel’s yarn, knitting, illustrations, and even those crazy dolls she talked about! Visit Rachel’s website Wanton Fibers to buy some of her absolutely gorgeous yarns!


The gorgeous finished product!

The gorgeous finished product!

This is the beautiful yarn that Rachel was talking about.

This is the beautiful yarn that Rachel was talking about.

1d1 2 3 4
















































































Rachel is a very accomplished knitter and these are some of the things she is working on in her studio.


6 7 8


























The quilt blocks, embroidery, and illustration projects Rachel is currently working on. She is so talented!

9 10 11

























And these are the Asian Ball Joint Dolls Rachel was talking about at the beginning of the show. She was featured in Hatue Doll magazine at the height of her  doll painting career.

Thank you Rachel for such a wonderful interview and showing us such a good time.

Do you have any comments or questions about this episode? You can email The Gals at twoartsygals@gmail.com OR you can call 503-395-7190 and leave them a voice mail. We have some fun stuff coming up in March and April! Our 100th episode, our 2 year anniversary, and Loni’s 1 year anniversary with the show… there are going to be some announcements and some extra cool shit happening so stay tuned! Follow us on all of our social media accounts! There are handy buttons over on the right that will help you find us. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, and the PodOmatic apps so you will have fresh episodes in your ear holes as soon as they become available! The Gals will be back next week with their usual antics so until then… make some cool shit, yo!


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