Episode 98: Miniature Bits of Awesome

This episode is going up a bit late this week… Katie’s husband celebrated his birthday this weekend and there has been too much celebration. Maybe if she had tried some of those miniature drinks The Gals talk about in this episode Katie would have finished editing it sooner! Miniatures are the topic this week… and we cover all kinds of miniature things and how you can use them in many artistic ways.

We have a couple of reminders for you before we get into this week’s fun stuff.
Our 100th episode is coming up soon! In fact, we are recoding it while we live broadcast on Facebook Monday the 18th of April (that is tomorrow!). Be there or be square. We will be doing some Q&A and probably some other silly shit.

Do you love Two Artsy Gals? If you do please consider supporting us monthly through our new Patreon account. You can support us monthly for as little as $5. That is a coffee people! We just had to renew our URL and we are always having little things come up here and there. We pay for this out of our own pockets and to keep this show going we need your help.

Check out the Pintrest board full of super cool stuff for this episode here.

This is the collection of miniature things that Katie and Loni were playing with while recording.

This is the collection of miniature things that Katie and Loni were playing with while recording.








Katie mentioned Tiny Things Are Cute and you should go there and check out all of the awesome miniature things you can buy there. The selection is great and it is always changing. Oh! And she is having a sale right now!

You can find miniature furniture all over the interwebz but Miniatures.com has a very extensive selection of items

See the truly stunning works of Micheal Paul Smith here! They will blow your mind!

I guess we are a little low on links and pictures this week. To make up for it we will just put this miniature food cooking video right here.

You can contact The Gals with questions and comments by emailing us at twoartsygals@gmail.com, calling our voicemail at 503-395-7190, or through any of our social media accounts. Subscribe to the podcast through iTunes, Stitcher, or the PodOmatic apps and leave us some awesome feedback!

Next week the Gals will be back to talk about fabric painting so until then… make some cool shit, yo!


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