Episode 99: Fabric Painty Goodness

We are going to keep this post short and sweet today as Katie is getting ready for a trip and has been elbow deep in cleaning and cooking in preparing to leave her husband and son on their own for a week. The Gals are talking about fabric painting this week! It is a goofy, giddy, slightly delirious episode. Katie was bordering on hangry. Loni was not far behind her. Regardless of all the jackassery you will learn about some cool ways to paint fabrics, and not just for clothing! You know we love fiber arts around here so The Gals are extra excited by this topic.

To see all the cool stuff on the Pintrest board for this episode click here.

The Gal’s originally planned to make shirts as examples for this one but between family obligations last weekend and the buildup to the 100th episode recoding live broadcast on FB, they just ran out of time (also, the shirt mission was a bit of a bust it that they wouldn’t fit over Katie’s bust very nicely).

Never fear though! Loni shared some photos of the cool painted scarf she made for herself. This was done on cotton fabric with acrylic paint and a fabric paint additive.

IMG_0816 IMG_0817








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Next week we are airing the 100th episode Q&A session we live on FB. It was a hoot! Until next week… make some cool shit, yo!


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