Episode 6: Hard or Soft, They are all Pretty Cool

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Hey! We hope you all enjoy today’s episode on pastels. Katie was very excited that she got to jibber-jabber so much about one of her favorite mediums. The gals both apologize for any art supply shopping sprees that happen as a result of this one.

Katie mentioned her friend, Liz Thoresen, who does the beautiful pet portraits (and more) using Pan Pastels. We wanted to make sure you have the link to her Facebook page so you can see what she does with this medium. Please check her work out here – Liz Thoresen – Art.

Sharon and Katie also had quite a conversation about the work of Spanish artist, Ruben Belloso, and they encourage you all to have a look at his truly stunning oil pastel pieces. You can check out his blog http://rubenbelloso.blogspot.com/ (this is written in his native language, but even if you don’t understand what he is saying, his works speaks for itself). Empty Kingdom has a nice article about him that features many process photos that will blow your mind http://www.emptykingdom.com/featured/ruben-belloso-adorna-pastels/, and you can follow him on Facebook here – Ruben Belloso Artwork.

Here are the images for this episode.

Katie’s childhood art:













Pastel sample chart:







Katie’s example art pieces:
















As always, you can contact the gals with your questions; comments, episode suggestions, and love letters by emailing them at twoartsygals@gmail.com. You can also find them on Facebook and give them some love over there – Two Arts Gals. Remember, you can now subscribe to us on Stitcher as well as on iTunes! So go do that, yo! We hope you find some pastels and spend some time playing with them. The gals will be back next week with some more fun stuff to talk about!


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