There Is and App for That Shit

What a fun conversation we had about apps today! Yes, this is a mixed-media arts and crafts podcast but as artist and just regular people our phones and these magical things called apps have become an everyday part of our lives. We thought talking about how we as artists have started integrating this technology into worlds. Not a lot of notes for this one but here is a list of all the apps we talked about today (these are all available on both iPhones and Android phones and all but one are free).

Google Calendar
iCalendar ($2.99)
Epic Win
Color View-finder


At the beginning of this episode you heard a silly little commercial announcement about our new sponsorship opportunities. It was fun, right? If you are interested in promoting your small business or you know someone that you think might be interested make sure you visit the new “Become a Sponsor” page for details! You can see it by clicking here or by just using the menu bar at the top of this page to navigate to it.

If you have questions or comments about this episode or any others, or if you want to tell us about some cool apps that you think we are missing in our lives, email us at Next week Sharon is going to tell us all about felting (both wet felting and needle felting)! Which Katie is unreasonable excited about. Make sure you tune in so you don’t miss any fun and until then, make some cool shit, yo!

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