Episode 29: What The Hell Is Felting All About?

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Katie has been begging Sharon to teach her how to felt for a while now and since living four hours apart makes that a little challenging, they decided to do the next best thing! That is right; they did an episode about it! Once you make it through the awkward introduction this week (Katie tried up a little but it just got weird) you will learn a lot on the subject of felting. Sharon explains the difference between needle felting and wet felting and tells us what sort of tools and materials we need.

We had a couple of really great example artists this week and we do hope you check out the links to their sites so you can see their truly stunning work in felting. The first we talked about is Lisa Kaser and her whimsical felted sculptures are going to blow your mind! Check them out here! http://lisakaser.com/index.html

Next we talked about Judah Noah and his gorgeous Travels; they are amazing art dolls that you will want to see for sure! So go have a look! http://travelers.storenvy.com/

We found some good tutorials for three dimensional needle felting, appliqué needle felting, and an example of wet felting. If each of these videos we get a clear view of the tools and materials needed to get started on what we are sure will be a very addicting addition to our ever growing list of hobbies. Check them all out below. (And you are soooo glad we sorted through videos to find the good ones for you… we have a headache from watching all the bad ones for you… you are welcome.)



If you have any questions or comments about this episode, or if you have any awesome felting work that you wanted to share with us and your fellow listeners please email us at twoartsygals@gmail.com. Next week the gals will be back to talk about the best holiday ever! So until then, make some cool shit, yo!


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