Episode 53: Don’t Drink That Ink

OMG! This episode is up so late and we are sorry! But enough apologizing let’s talk alcohol inks! They are awesome and you should use some for sure. There was a fun video of Katie’s experiments with alcohol inks. Well there actually still is. It is on Katie’s hard drive. There is even a copy of it in her SD card. But the computer gods have been conspiring against us and at 10:00 pm, a full day after this episode was supposed to go up, Katie had to give up on getting it edited and uploaded. So you will just have to check out all of our links and when we are able, we will come back and add the video to this post (don’t worry, we will let you know when we do).

Sp links! Here is the first one http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-alcohol-ink.htm; it is a great article about alcohol inks. You will learn a little more about what they are and the things you can used them for.

We are making this quick tonight because it is way past our bedtime and as we mentioned, the show is late. Moving on… Enchanted Gallery has s good article with a lot of pictures and we know it will tickle your fancy (what a strange phrase). http://www.theenchantedgallery.com/alcohol.html

And last but not least, the link to the Tim Holtz tutorial videos on alcohol inks! These will definitely make up for our lack of video this week. http://rangerink.com/category/videos/adirondack-videos/

We are entering our third week on the Kickstarter and things are looking a little grim. We are still only 23% funded ($355 of our goal) and we really need a big push in the right direction. Just a reminder that if we are not 100% funded, we don’t get any of the funding at all (meaning all donations get returned to the people who made them). Please help us keep the podcast up and running without interruption and without more technical glitches like we had with the video today.

Remember, we are all over the social medias now and you can follow us on all of them by clicking the link for each over there on the right (pintrest, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). You can also follow this blog and/or the RSS feed to our blog link posts. And you can email us to! Any questions or comments about the show, or this episode can be sent straight to The Gals at twoartsygals@gmail.com. Don’t forget to subscribe to the show on Stitcher or iTunes so you always have fresh episodes on your listening device. Next week Katie and Sharon will be back to talk to you about paper dolls… until next week, go make some cool shit, yo!


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Podcast Producer. Artist. Writer. Cat lover. Unicorn worshiper. Narwhal enthusiast. Next level proficiency in swearing. Aging GenXer/Riot Grrrl with a True Crime fascination. I also like cheese.
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