Episode 76: Haunt Your Shit, Yo!

It is going to be short and sweet here today, which is more than we can say for this week’s episode on haunted houses! Ha! Katie was sick last week when The Gal’s recorded so there wasn’t much planning done and by the time they recorded this, her cold medicine had kicked in. It is sidebar/mini rant heavy today but it is all about haunted houses.

The Gals go over things that make a haunted house/garage/porch/yard/walkway/driveway awesome and things that don’t really work. They have a lot of great ideas for you and they have collected them all on Pintrest for you. You WILL want to go look at the Pintrest board for this episode for sure.

To check out the Pintrest board for this episode click here.

Do any of you do haunted houses? We would LOVE to see listener pictures of your haunted awesomeness. We would also love to see your homemade costume pictures (and your kids)! You can send pictures and comments to twoartsgals@gmail.com. We will show them on our final Halloween episode! You can follow us on all of our social media accounts. Katie will be tweeting and posting Instagram pictures while she works on costumes this weekend and the odds of her gluing herself to something/sewing herself to something/ injuring herself are pretty high… you won’t want to miss it! You can and should subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or Stitcher (and many other podcast broadcasting apps)… please do, and leave us some nice reviews!


Katie is over her cold now! Just in time for a feverish weekend of costume construction! Loni is hard at work on her family’s costumes as well. Next week they will be back to wrap up this month of Halloween by entertaining you with tales of costume making; talking about their Halloween plans, recapping everything they have covered this month, and talking about some creepy but long lost Halloween traditions of old that we think should see a comeback so until then… go make some cool haunted shit, yo!


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