Episode 77: TGIH!

Thank goodness it is Halloween!!! Well, yesterday was Halloween, but we are just glad it finally arrived. As always, The Gals enjoyed the festivities and the costumes but we are all ecstatic that this month of Halloween shows is finally over! “Octoberween” was a great idea in theory but man has it been a drag in practice. We are truly sorry that the quality of episodes had gradually gone downhill as the month passed. We will just chalk this up to a good lesson learned and next year, we will have one big Halloween episode and that will be quite enough.

You can listen to this episode here.

We promised you pictures of some super creepy Victorian Era Halloween costumes but we are going to do you one better! We found this video compilation of the images that have been making us shudder all month set to scary music and sounds. You can thank us for your nightmares later.

We also found an excellent slideshow collection of images over on the Stuff You Should Know blog, which you can check out here.

And here is the freaky icing on the creeptastic cake! We have seen this floating around so much we aren’t sure who to give credit for the image (sorry about that, image owner) but here is the traditional carved turnip the Irish would have used (Katie always knew her ancestors were super creepy).



To be honest, we are nursing some pretty serious hangovers today (and by we, we totally mean Katie and her husband), it is a small miracle that this is even being written but we wanted to make sure you get to see pictures of Loni and Katie’s costumes (Oh! And Loni’s kiddo) so we are going to keep the rest of this pretty short and sweet.

This is the amazing costume that Loni helped her kid make. It seriously blew our minds! So awesome!









Here is a close-up of the amazing hooves Loni made.









And here is Loni’s adorable costume! She made everything from cardboard and was kind enough to share a couple of process photos.

IMAG0742 IMAG0734

















Katie is very sorry that there aren’t better pictures of her wearing her costume available. Her husband was taking the photos in some poorly lit situations last night and he isn’t so great with taking photos to begin with. Katie did include an Instagram shot of her costume still on the dress form though. One thing that isn’t pictured on her is the crazy blue tail.
























Well there you have it folks. Halloween 2015, we big you farewell. Again, we apologize for the sucktitude of the last couple of episodes and we promise to never ever spend a month talking about a single subject again! We know we have some talented listeners and we would love to see your costumes! Please send us some pictures to twoartsygals@gmail.com; we will share them on the blog next week.

If you have questions or comments about the show you can also leave us a voice mail at 503-395-7190 and we will play your call on the show. We are on all of the social medias! GO follow us! Subscribe to our monthly news letter; you will get the schedule for our episodes every month. You will also get some hints about what is coming in the following month. Our newsletter subscribers are often the first to know about any major developments so make sure you click to subscribe up there on the right, or on out FB page. And don’t forget to subscribe to us on Stitcher and Twitter if you don’t already!

Next week The Gals will be back to talk about some cool arts and crafts we can do with all those gorgeous leaves piling up in our yards right now, so until then… make some cool shit, yo!



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