Episode 78: Do Some Cool Shit With Fall Leaves

There are deliciously gorgeous leaves all over the place right now and we are all loving it over here at Two Artsy Gals. Katie and Loni were feeling inspired by all of the pretty colors out our window so they brought some leaves inside and tried a few arts and crafts with them.

There is a little post Halloween preamble at the top of the show. Loni and Katie hadn’t seen each other in a week… it is entertaining. Loni started the yawning so blame her if you get the sympathy yawns. There are some crazy rants as usual. There is some Peewee Herman talk that goes very awry (sorry about the semen talk). It is a fun filled fall episode today.

You can check out the Pintrest board for this episode by clicking here.

Before we get into the pictures of Katie and Loni’s projects and examples, here are the pictures of Katie’s burn from the soldering iron (first one is the night it happened and the second one is a week later).
















Gross! Right?!?!?!

This video Loni made to show you all her failed attempt at a leaf bowl is cracking us up. The music… it is just too much!



So no leaf bowl but Loni did make the magical sparkly leaves and you will love them as much as Katie does!









Katie did a couple of things too… she was feeling nostalgic about arts and crafts projects of her youth and decided to go old school making “leaf stained glass”. It is an easy process and it makes for pretty decorations for your parties and get-togethers this season.

Just lay out your wax paper on a towel to protect your working surface.









Arrange leaves on wax paper so they look all pretty.









Place another piece of wax paper over the top (we recommend shaving some paraffin wax over the bottom layer before putting the top piece of wax paper on).









Iron it until the wax paper is sealed together, securely preserving the leaves between the layers.









Boom! Pretty placemats or thing to hang in the window… or frame… or whatever you want because that is the point of being all crafty.









Katie also did a couple of leaf smashing prints or “leaf whapping” as we have also seen it called. Hers didn’t turn out quite as well as she wanted them to but when you listen to the episode she explains why. It really is as easy as lying a leaf on your fabric (can be done with paper too), covering it with a paper towel or another piece of fabric, and carefully whacking the crap out of it until it is all smashered into the fabric. These could have been done better but are a good example of the color that transfers.

















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Next week we will be back to talk about crayons and all the cool shit you can do with them, so until next week… make some cool shit, yo!


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