Episode 84: Folded Book Art Is Insane, Yo!

Things are getting pretty hectic around here and will be for the next couple of weeks. Katie finally finished her mom’s Christmas gift and The Gals are talking about it today. Things got dicey during this project and Katie learned a lot that will help you all see success at this when you try.

To go check out the super cool Pintrest board for this episode click here.

You will want to listen to this episode so you know what happened with all of these pictures we are about to share… we are going to get right into the issues Katie had and then her final, successful attempt.

This is Katie’s first attempt with the pattern that she made herself after watching several instructional videos and reading a bunch of tutorials. Looking back, this totally would have worked out if she had use a better book. In the episode The Gals talk about why this book was not a good choice but the short version of that story is that the pages are too tattered and uneven.



































She purchased a premade pattern for her second attempt and as she explains during the episode, the pattern wasn’t great for several reasons and the book didn’t turn out well at all. The Gals get in depth about font choices and why this pattern didn’t give the desired results.



















Finally, Katie decided that it was probably a good bet to use a monogram while learning this so she chose the letter “J” (for Joy… her mom). After her experience with the purchased pattern, Katie felt a bit silly for doubting herself the first time through so she made her own pattern this time. She was pretty happy about the final product but does plan on giving this a few more tries.


































There are several tutorials on our Pintrest board (linked above) so make sure you check those out. This is the best video tutorial we found. The way she makes the pattern is a bit laborious but Katie gives you some tips on how to do it in the episode.

Remember, we are taking the next two weeks off. The Gal’s will be back with a fresh episode on the 8th of January and they will be talking about studio/craft space organization. Send us pictures of your craft space and tell us how you keep things organized (or don’t). Email those pictures to twoartsygals@gmail.com. You know the drill… follow us on all of our social media accounts because we sometimes say stuff worth reading there. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or Stitcher (and other places too!) and leave us some nice feedback. See you all in the New Year and until then… make some cool shit, yo!


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