Episode 94: Victorian Hairwork: Creepy or Effing Amazing?

The Gals can’t decided if they are grossed out or really into our topic this week but there is no doubt that they are completely enthralled by it. Katie and Loni discuss Victorian Hairwork/mourning jewelry and some of its history as they alternate between having the heebie-jeebies and being a little too excited about things. As The Gals mentioned in this episode, this is going to be a link heavy post this week and these are all links you will want to click on for sure!

To check out the Pintrest board for this episode click here.










Here is a list of the articles we read when researching this episode:

Victorian Gothic: “The Lost Art of Sentimental Hairwork”

Smithsonian Magazine: “Victorians Made Jewelry Out of Human Hair”

Victorian Magazine: “Victorian Hair Jewelry

To read the book “Self-instructor in the art of hairwork, dressing hair, making curls, switches, braids, and hair jewelry of every description” on archive.org click here.

This is short video example of how a hairworking table is used.

The Victorian Hairwork Society is a fantastic resource if you want to know more about hairwork or would like to start doing hairwork of your own.

Katie mentioned The Order of the Good Death towards the end of the show and we feel you will find the organization has some interesting and valuable things to say and share.

Last but not least, we just had to share this episode of Ask a Mortician on hair and mourning jewelry.

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Next week The Gals will be back to talk about gold/metal leaf so until then… make some cool shit, yo!


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